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avec Estelle Delessard, Marketing Dynamics 365 France

Depuis que Microsoft et Intershop ont uni leurs efforts, les clients peuvent bénéficier de nombreux avantages. Nous avons interrogé Estelle Delessard.

with Estelle Delessard, Marketing Dynamics 365 France

Since Microsoft and Intershop joined hands, customers can benefit from many advantages. We asked Microsoft’s Estelle Delessard.

Intershop et ses partenaires n’offre pas seulement une consultation et des informations sur leur stand 7.2 B 025, mais ils y adjoignent également des

Intershop and its partners not only offer consultation and information at booth 7.2 B 025, but also adjoining workshops. Here is an overview.

The development of the QR code scanner is just one example of the easy extensibility of the PWA with individual new features.

Die Entwicklung des QR-Code-Scanners ist nur ein Beispiel für die schnelle Erweiterbarkeit der PWA mit individuellen neuen Features.

Current market dynamics and a shift in user habits lead to a very high focus on mobile use and user friendliness of websites.

Aktuelle Dynamiken des Marktes und eine Verschiebung der Nutzergewohnheiten führen zu einem sehr hohen Fokus auf mobile Nutzung und Nutzerfreundlichkeit von

4 Tips for Digital Strategists

Those responsible for aligning marketing, sales and IT can also contribute to a higher conversion rate and increased customer loyalty, by keeping the following

4 Tipps für Digitalstrategen

Digitalstrategen fungieren oft als Schnittstellen zwischen Marketing, Vertrieb und IT. Ein ganzheitlicher Blick auf die Conversion Rate bedeutet für CDOs:

Durch API-Fokussierung und Headless-Architektur ist laut Grollmann „die technologische Plattform […] bestens geeignet, um individuelle Lösungen umzusetzen“.

According to Grollmann, "the technological platform [...] is ideally suited to providing individual solutions thanks to its API focus and headless

Die Conversion Rate ist eine klassische Kennzahl im B2B-Marketing. Sie zeigt an, wie viele Besucher zu Käufern werden – damit ist ihre dauerhafte Steigerung

The conversion rate is an important key figure in B2B marketing. It indicates how many visitors become buyers - so it is important to increase it permanently.

mit Matthias Müller, Direktor Produktmarketing

Was können Anbieter von B2B-Shops tun, um dieser Erwartung auch in Zukunft gerecht zu werden? Was sind die Trends?

with Matthias Müller, Director Product Marketing

What can a B2B shop provider do to meet this demand in the future? What are the trends?

Like a game of snakes and ladders, digital initiatives are making great gains up the business ladders, while the slower adopters slip and slide down on the

Our developers hacked a first product recommendation engine based on machine learning using Azure Data Factory and Databricks.

E-commerce is becoming increasingly important in construction business. But what are the driving forces for contractors to buy their building materials online?

Servitization offers manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts many new business opportunities. 

In der Kategorie Universalanbieter, Unterkategorie Generalist, wird dieser Intershop-Kunde als bequeme „Amazon-Alternative“ bezeichnet.

What can a B2B vendor do to increase sales (by automating and getting digital), while at the other hand nurture a very personal customer relationship?

Wenn Sie dieser Tage die technischen News lesen, gibt es ein Thema, das Sie nicht übersehen können: Libra, die kommende Krypto-Münze von Facebook.

Unlike bitcoin, Libra will be able to perform well, handle transactions way faster. This will boost micro payments.

Um Antworten auf Fragen zu bekommen, nahm ich am Digitalen Kindergarten (#DK2019) in Hamburg teil – und bekam mehr Inspiration, als ich erhofft hatte.

Würth setzt bei seiner E-Commerce-Strategie auf ständige Innovation und ist heute ein Meister des Omni-Channels. Vom Außendienstmitarbeiter über Automaten bis

The key to transforming a traditional organization into a digital, innovative company lies in getting the sales force enthusiastic for e-commerce, says Gerco

Kürzlich wurde Würth für seinen B2B-Shop ausgezeichnet. Nach ein paar Klicks auf ihrer Webseite ist eines klar: Sie meinen es ernst.

You may find your company facing the opportunities presented by the promise of B2B commerce. The need to innovate now for future success is high, and maybe you

What are the most important functionalities of B2C web shops that make your online B2B shop more customer friendly?

Even though the market is extremely fragmented, those who do it smartly and help customers save money, can count on having a sound business model in place. The

The retail sector is in a crisis. Customers are migrating to platforms or looking for "online pure players".

Liefern Sie Ihren Kunden nicht nur eine Maschine, sondern einen digitalen Organismus, der über viele Jahre kosteneffizient und zuverlässig im Einsatz ist.

Don´t just deliver a machine to your customers, but a digital organism that will be cost-efficient and reliable for many years to come.

on E-Commerce Trends in the Nordics

When it comes to touchpoints, mobile will undoubtedly grow further - also in B2B, as the millennials, those seemingly born with mobile phones attached to them,

Die zu prüfende Hypothese: Der Erfolg von E-Commerce hängt einzig und allein von Know-how, Team, fähigen Software-Entwicklern und guter Strategie ab.

von Sebastian Kellner

Der Einzelhandel ist in der Krise. Kunden wandern zu Plattformen ab oder suchen reine „Online Pure Player“.

by Roelof Swiers

Delivering the right product at a competitive price is no longer enough. What does today's customer expect?

von Roelof Swiers

Es reicht nicht mehr aus, das richtige Produkt zu einem wettbewerbsfähigen Preis zu liefern. Was erwarten Kunden heute?

What if a major aspect of growth gets lost on the way of momentarily running a successful business?

Würth received an award for its B2B shop - because they consistently focus on their customers. Their website proves: It's not just a hollow phrase.

Chat bots can do a lot. They could do more with AI. Here is a report.

by Roelof Swiers

“Everything we offer, in our sales channels, but especially in e-business, is to make things more convenient for the customer, not for us."

How to Create Headless Commerce

An agile, scalable and future-proof e-commerce platform is what you need in 2019.

According to Forrester, there are four issues that you need to think about carefully if you want to be successful in e-commerce as a B2B vendor.

5 Tage Präsentationen, Vorstellung von IoT-Konzepten und viele neue Kontakte. Intershops erste Präsenz auf der Hannover Messe war ein voller Erfolg.  

5 days of demonstrations, presentation of IoT concepts and many new contacts. Intershop's first presence at the Hanover Fair was a complete success.

On 28 March, during the Shopping Awards Gala in Noordwijk, De Stiho Groep won the Intershop B2B Award.

by Dr. Arndt Döhler

With the Smart Shelf, you can couple your products and services and thus bind customers more closely to you.

von Dr. Arndt Döhler

Mit dem Smart Shelf können Sie Ihre Produkte und Services koppeln und so Kunden enger an sich binden.

by Lee Price

The reason that I think the event is worth your time and attention, is that we’d like to hand you some tools to improve your B2B commerce –

by Roelof Swiers

Next Thursday, March 28, we’ll find out which company wins the Award. Who do you think the Intershop B2B award should win and why?

Verbrauch in Echtzeit messen und abrechnen

Wenn Sie ein Loch in der Wand brauchen, ist es nicht mehr notwendig, eine Bohrmaschine zu besitzen!

Measuring and billing consumption in real time

To get a hole in a wall no longer requires to purchase a drill.

How do you know if your commerce platform might need replacement? In practice, we see five 'red flags' indicating that it is time to switch to a new system.

If someone asked me to fix their car, it wouldn't end well for it. But if there was a computer or device that could guide me though every step I need to take,

2008 – the first generation of iPhones was just boiling down the emerging World Wide Web to fit in  everyone’s pocket, and with this, a huge need to

by Rene Verspuij

Nothing will keep Wunderman Thompson from actively using Intershop for projects on the American market.

by: Rene Verspuij

"Four out of our eight biggest clients have chosen Intershop, which means the software accounts for a big share of our revenue."

Having a unique product and naming memorably is not enough to become a brand. Let us shift your perspective today.

bringing industry expertise into lecture halls

When it comes to the responsibility of a company in its region, Intershop is in an exemplary position with its Academics program.

on Bringing E-Commerce to a Higher Level by Sharing Knowledge

by Toufik Boudellal

Augmented reality, artificial intelligence, block chain technology. How will it affect commerce and how can companies choose the platform

When it comes to shopping, more and more people tend to do it online. But why do people change their behavior? The key is convenience.

For each person or company, digital transformation means something different. Mario Vesper provides insights into what digitization means in his everyday work

by Roelof Swiers

I look forward to being amazed by innovative solutions and projects — both from established names and new players.

2018 was a year that may be best summarized by cloud, expertise, and partnership.

Für unsere Kunden bedeutet das: Eine state-of-the-art Customer-Engagement-Lösung, eine schnelle Time to Market und geringere Implementierungskosten, denn

by Roelof Swiers

How do you approach this way of working in an often traditional environment? The experts group "Digital Commerce" discuss this in part 7 of

on Keeping Customers Running 24x7 in the APAC Region

by Clara Choo

Managed Services are putting the customer first. They are also the creator of "Rick".

Often the best technology can be disregarded without the vision for what it can be or become.

by Roelof Swiers

For more and more B2B companies, e-commerce is a logical part of their commercial strategy.

People have made it pretty clear what they expect from e-commerce: easy-to-find products, intuitive design, simple checkout, in short the “Amazon experience.”

Nächste Woche findet das New Commerce Forum statt. Für die Retail-Branche im Schweizer Markt ein Meilenstein, zu welchem 600 Besucher erwartet werden.

by Steven Heyder

With our connectors, product data, inventories, customer data and orders are exchanged quickly, simply and consistently between Intershop

on How Best Practices in B2C Are Also Applicable to B2B

by Toufik Boudellal

On 20 November 2018, Paris will be all about e-commerce during ‘Les Enjeux Innovation B2B’. Five questions to Jérôme Morlon, partner at

If you share your knowledge, everyone else is able to learn something new!

by Anke Bebber

Not only talk about it - just have the courage to do it. Do not be afraid of mistakes, because most lead to an even better product or service!

by Anke Bebber

The biggest challenge facing B2B executives today may be even more disruptive, and it’s happening a whole lot faster: the reinvention of B2B

by Harold van der Horst

Digitization in B2B does not only bring technological challenges. The organizational consequences can also be drastic, not to mention

by Anke Bebber

A company’s management needs a clear digital vision, and it takes multipliers and employee participation to reach it.

With over three million customers and an average of 15,000 orders per day, the German player can now call himself Europe's most successful online optician.

by Tobias Giese

Delaying a long-overdue migration project can cause lasting damage to your business - for example, if you are unable to digitize your sales and

by Toufik Boudellal

At #PRW18, companies will show what is possible in commerce. Intershop and Stibo Systems share a booth and host a workshop.

- Marketing Manager - Microsoft Dynamics 365, on Intershop and Microsoft

by Harold van der Horst

Since Microsoft and Intershop joined hands, customers can benefit from many advantages. The most important one: the ultimate customer

by Yuliya Myshynyova

Replatforming projects are known to be complex, lengthy and risky. However, with a well designed and cleanly implemented strategy,

by Clara Choo

Unfortunately, most businesses fail to choose the best platform that realizes their long-term goals.

by Gerhard Stampfer

Cloud commerce supports your own digital transformation and provides investment security.

by Patrick Bleckwehl

There are a few pitfalls to consider and precautions to take when moving e-commerce processes and systems to the Cloud.

Enterprise Architect, on What’s Beyond Today’s E-Commerce?

by Anke Bebber

It's easier than ever to let your visions become reality.

Product Manager, on Progressive Web Apps

by Anke Bebber

Compared to the experience on the desktop, mobile websites lack smoothness and speed.

by Tobias Giese

Neglecting just one area of your business means losing revenue, creating unhappy customers, and killing your digital growth.

Software Engineer, on Intershop‘s Database Independency

by Anke Bebber

Powerful e-commerce software needs an underlying database that enables an optimal data flow, no matter how much load is on the system. Intershop

by Clara Choo

Intershop has integrated with the world's largest internet retailer market place – Amazon!

Director Partner Development at Microsoft Germany, on Intershop and Microsoft

by Kristin Weese

Where does the partnership between Intershop and Microsoft add value for business customers?

by Roelof Swiers

Innovations and technical developments follow each other in rapid succession and marketplaces such as Amazon have become essential. As a B2B

by Sebastian Kellner

The digitalization of customer contact often presents companies with challenges, but most of them can be anticipated, planned and overcome

Dr. Jochen Wiechen, CEO of Intershop on Adobe's plans to acquire Magento Commerce

by Heide Rausch

"Intershop´s portfolio is just as ready to work with the Adobe Experience Manager as Microsoft has areas to partner with Adobe, too."

by Clara Choo

With a Cloud OMS, customers and authorized personnel can access data anytime and anywhere with real-time accurate information, streamlining the

Michael Hartwig, Trainer, on Developing a Skill for Alexa

by Anke Bebber

Everybody's talking about Alexa. But what exactly is that and what opportunities does it offer Intershop?


by Andrej Maihorn, VP Customer Innovations Americas

By now virtually every successful retailer or wholesaler is using cloud-based services to handle their

Prepare to Change and Evolve

by Julie Mall, Head of Professional Service Americas

The Seamless Experience. It's what customers say they want, but it's not the easiest feature for companies

Stefan Hellfritzsch, Software Developer on Detecting Fake Reviews

by Anke Bebber

Fake reviews may either pretend that a product is of a high quality or resemble hate speech. Users do not want to see fake reviews for an

by Harold van der Horst

By the end of march, it was time for the Shopping Awards, which are being recognized as one the most important prizes online retailers

by Clara Choo

Attend a B2B conference or scroll through LinkedIn these days and you will hear everyone discussing about how B2B buyers expect an Amazon-like

By Roelof Swiers

With the rise of e-commerce in B2B, adapting the sales force to the new processes often proves to be a tough challenge. How do you get your

Dr. Arndt Döhler, Director Research on Conversational Commerce

by Anke Bebber

The most natural way of communication for people is spoken language. Nothing is faster, and accompanying to other activities easier to use than

by Clara Choo

Nowadays, there is so much information available that pertains to Cloud Commerce and its benefits. Cloud Commerce is an incredible e-commerce

by Isabell Zeitz

New goals, plans and innovations - that's what it was all about at the German Partner Day in Berlin.

by James Davis

There are countless ways to market a business. But are you marketing your B2B eCommerce correctly? If you are a B2B marketer or aspiring to be

by Harold van der Horst

Just a couple more days and the registration for the Intershop B2B Award closes. On March 16, the final three nominees will be

Why Product Information Will be Key for Digital Commerce

by René Martijn Verspuij

Putting content into context is the main challenge for today's business to business industry, says Rick Chavie, the CEO of EnterWorks,

by Matthias Müller

One of the major challenges in contemporary e-commerce is the complexity of integrating multiple customer-oriented applications with

Order Management Systems as the key to Digital Transformation

by Matthias Müller

For many companies, the digitization process begins with the same question: How do we prepare our legacy IT landscape for the

How They Help Improve Customer Relationships and Drive Revenue

By Drazena Ivicic

Offering a compelling customer experience has become as important in the B2B sector as it is in B2C. Organizations selling to a B2B clientele

by Matthias Müller

Customers, inventories, and orders have always been incorporated into enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems—which is why order

By Roelof Swiers

The "Expert Group B2B Digital Commerce" discusses the topic: How to put together a B2B e-commerce team.

If you, as a B2B organization, want to

by Gerrit Enthoven

On March 29 next year, not only will the well-known public and industry prizes be awarded to the best business-to-consumer webshops,

long-term survival and commercial success

By Tobias Giese

Digitization has brought about a radical shift in the relationship and the balance of power between businesses and their customers. After

By Roelof Swiers

Measuring is knowing. Especially in B2B digital commerce! But do you know exactly what to measure? This time the expert group talks about

By Tobias Giese

B2B customers expect a richer purchasing environment and more content when they search for products or services. For many B2B companies, this

Five Ways in Which Wholesalers Are Digitally Enabled Partners in the Value Chain

by Gerrit Enthoven

E-commerce puts pressure on the revenue model of the wholesaler business. Wholesalers remain relevant by digitally excelling and by

by Matthias Müller

Many wholesalers find it difficult to digitize their business models. Often, CEOs are unsure of what is required to keep pace with

by Matthias Müller

In order to equip themselves for future challenges, wholesalers need to clearly define their respective market positions and

By Roelof Swiers

Many B2B organizations have their digital transformation high on the agenda. And that is wise given the expectations of the customer. Of

enormous potential for providers and buyers

Wholesale is taking on a key role which is presenting it with two challenges: firstly, it must undergo a digital transformation process so as to be able to

Omni-Channel Services for Retailers and the Trades

by Matthias Müller

Omni-channel commerce and special delivery services often present major challenges for retailers. In order to provide ship-to-store,

Connected Digitalization

by Matthias Müller

Far from being standalone solutions, B2B e-commerce platforms are deeply integrated with a wide range of internal and external systems.

Fast and Sustainably

By Tobias Giese

Cloud Commerce brings entirely new and previously unknown opportunities – both in terms of technological innovations as well as business

By Drazena Ivicic

What sets a digital company apart from a traditional one? In a digitally transformed business, information technology is no longer limited to

by Gerrit Enthoven

Content is king, and not only to consumers. Content is crucial in B2B commerce as well. After all, the B2B customer specifically searches

by Matthias Müller

As more and more wholesalers recognize the potential of e-commerce to boost revenue, they are moving their sales online. Faster

by Matthias Müller

According to a study by Forrester Research, two-thirds of all B2B customers expect their interaction with a company to be totally

Best practice: INDI

by Gerrit Enthoven

While many B2B organizations struggle in order to digitally transform their organization, Kramp Groep BV decided to establish a new company

by René Martijn Verspuij

The number of B2B commerce projects is on the rise, and technology vendors around the world are being quick to capitalize on it.

By Thorsten Desch

While large parts of the wholesale sector are still struggling to identify suitable digitalization strategies and business models, two

Synopsis Intershop Executive Master Class

By Roelof Swiers

On 13 June 2017 executives of the Synaptic Commerce partner community and customers of SphereMall enjoyed an educational and vivid afternoon

By Roelof Swiers

Should B2B web shops be identical to B2C web shops? For a while, this was a guiding principle in the world of e-commerce, and not without

By Drazena Ivicic

Many people are talking about the importance of digitalization and the opportunities it offers for SMEs in particular. But what does a

By Tobias Giese

Digital transformation is now well underway and placing real demands on all wholesale companies. After all, their customers, employees,

By Roelof Swiers

For B2B suppliers the complexities of stock administration and management have increased in line with the number of electronic and other sales

By Roelof Swiers

These days, the lowest price is easy to find for any product. Through the likes of AliExpress, Amazon, Gifi and Wish, global and local

by René Martijn Verspuij

When the Utrecht-based B2B digital agency Evident started experimenting with the ecommerce software of Intershop in 2016, it

by Matthias Müller

Since the advent of digital commerce in the 1990s, the demise of the wholesale industry has been predicted many times. Why do we need a

By Roelof Swiers

When the Imbema Groep unfolded an e-commerce strategy for the first time in 2011, this took some doing. An interview with COO Jan-Willem

Challenges | opportunities | strategies

by Jochen Wiechen

In 20 years, how will people look back on today’s wholesale industry? Will they view it as a business model from a bygone era, long since

By Tim Cochran

Need new glasses don’t feel like wasting time at the mall or your local optician? Customers of Mr. Spex, an eyecare retailer, save time by

By Roelof Swiers
Zamro is an ambitious and dynamic e-commerce company that was founded in February 2016. It has great ambitions for cross-border growth and

by Toralf Lahs

The success of B2B commerce to a large extent relies on more seamless integration of information and IT systems. But where are organizations at

Digitalisation can revolutionise your organisation

by Jochen Wiechen

Digitalisation seems to be a mantra for politicians, a far-sighted vision for a future society – and the hot spot on the agenda for many at

by Toralf Lahs
If concerns around your distribution model, business and/or IT complexity are hindering your organization’s digitalization process, then it’s

by Matthias Müller

Today’s B2B environments are getting more and more complex. The management of the increasing number of digital interaction channels

by Jochen Wiechen

B2B organizations know what they want from their platforms and IT systems, according to the Intershop E-Commerce Report “Taking the Fast

by Jerry van Leeuwen

The belief that customer experience underpins your online success is widely accepted. Excellent customer experience is the result of

by Toralf Lahs
I’ve been writing many blogs recently about B2B digitalization – examining the impact of e-commerce, system integration and what this all means

by Gerrit Enthoven
There is a flipside to being part of an increasingly digital B2B ecosystem, according to our 2016 e-commerce research report “Taking the Fast

by Toralf Lahs
Leadership support, digitalization affecting the whole business and e-commerce platforms that accommodate differing regional business practices.

by Toralf Lahs
Wow, is it that time of year again already? That time when we reflect upon another busy business year and wonder what the next one holds? It is

by Axel Köhler

The far-reaching influence of digital sales channels has had a profound business impact, according to our 2016 B2B e-commerce research report “T

by Toralf Lahs
Digital sales channels are no longer a sideshow, according to the 2016 Intershop E-Commerce Report “Taking the fast track into the digital future

By Roelof Swiers

What does it take to enable sustainable growth in today’s omni-channel landscape? Do you go cross-border, multi-brand, or embrace different

The Digitalization of B2B

by Jochen Wiechen
With online and mobile sales channels growing rapidly, B2B organizations are now on a mission to embed end-to-end digitalization across the

Six reasons why you need an order management system

by Matthias Müller

Buying and paying for anything, anywhere – that’s the biggest challenge that omni-channel retailers see themselves facing. There was

by Toralf Lahs
I’m going to be at B2B Online on 7th – 8th December in Amsterdam, and that is really important. Why? Because manufacturing businesses have

When your gut feeling is wrong and the data demands an omni-channel approach

by Gerrit Enthoven
IGO-POST, a seventy-year-old family-run company, is guided by customer behavior and wishes, as digital program manager Dennis Verlijsdonk

Intershop’s order management system has something truly unique to offer

by Toralf Lahs
According to Forrester, B2B companies can substantially decrease sales costs — up to 90 percent — by guiding customers to an online

Challenges of a French sports goods manufacturer jumping into the international e-commerce business

by Toufik Boudellal

In recent years, the European outdoor industry has experienced exceptional growth and retailers in this sector are fast becoming major

Order processing reloaded

by Toralf Lahs
If your order processing is time-consuming, error-prone, complex or expensive then your B2B business has a big problem. That’s one of the

The right combination for an impeccable customer experience

by Cornelia Seidenstricker

As I mentioned in the last article, many retailers still have not perfected their omni-channel strategy - often at the cost of

by Cornelia Seidenstricker

There are many ways to perfect the omni-channel experience. Unfortunately the reality of the situation does not reflect this

Are you keeping up with the ever-changing commerce landscape?

by Toralf Lahs
B2B buyer preferences have fundamentally shifted and existing business models can’t keep pace with the ever-changing B2B commerce landscape. This

The future of online technologies for the local retail store

by Jochen Wiechen
Online technologies like NFC, LFC, Beacons, WiFi-Tracking, MEMS und LEDs allow for the tracking of customers while shopping. What does that

NFC, LFC, Beacons, WiFi tracking, MEMS and LEDs

by Jochen Wiechen
In my last post, I talked about the development of technologies that allow retailers to create an online-experience in their brick and mortar

The development of online technologies for use in brick and mortar stores

by Jochen Wiechen
Just a few years of e-commerce development have been enough to get customers accustomed to the notion that everything is just a couple clicks

Reinvented and digitized B2B selling

by Toralf Lahs
Gaps, gaps, gaps. If you’re a B2B merchant, there seem to be gaps everywhere. In a new eBook “Reinvented and Digitized B2B Selling”, we summarize

How Videocon Increased its Conversion Rate by 50%

by Ronny Höpfner

Since the early days of e-commerce, consumer electronic has been playing a major role. Customers in this market are especially technophile and

by Toralf Lahs

When Majestic Wine, the UK’s largest specialist wine retailer, decided to replicate its in-store values online, it turned to Intershop and

6 learnings from Majestic Wine

by Toralf Lahs

Together with Javelin Group we’ve just completed a project with the largest wine specialist retailer in the UK, Majestic Wine. It’s a

by Gerrit Enthoven

Van de Velde NV is a leading player in the luxury and fashionable women’s lingerie sector. It owns globally-recognized lingerie brands

How to set up a future-proof e-commerce system

by Toralf Lahs
E-commerce has truly come of age: it has turned into a valid sales channel both for classic brick and mortar stores broadening their customer

What are the technologies that allow stores to become ‘smarter’?

by Toralf Lahs
Evidence would suggest that today’s consumers are time poor yet happy to spend money in a store that makes it quick and easy to shop. It’s