With the Microsoft HoloLens we use people's ability to see spatially in order to open up complex product structures more intuitively and thus to be able to order spare parts faster and more unerringly.

What does AR (Augmented Reality) mean
in e-commerce?

Enable your customers to easily disassemble complex machines visually to select each component with a dedicated handsign. Anyone can do this without asking specialists or researching technical drawings. Combine augmented reality with e-commerce to easily order spare parts. This way, HoloLens becomes a touchpoint for your e-commerce website!

How can I use the HoloLens to order spare parts?

To order spare parts with Microsoft HoloLens, service technicians usually have to match long lists or be able to accurately operate online catalogs with many filter options. However, complex machines are often customized and characterized by many dependencies that cannot be mapped in standard lists.

With augmented reality and the Microsoft HoloLens, 3D models of the exact machine can be used to identify the necessary component precisely and error-free with an exploded view and voice assistants. Thanks to the seamless integration into the Intershop Commerce solution, the products can then be purchased directly. Watch the video to learn more details!

Benefits of augmented reality with the HoloLens in e-commerce

More and more companies from the industrial sector appreciate the benefits of augmented reality. The HoloLens is small, lightweight, has a large field of vision, is connected to the Internet and can be used wirelessly. This makes it easy to use in everyday work:

  1. Purchase spare parts error-free: your technicians can be sure to identify the correct spare part, even for customized machines. Follow-up procurement is possible directly in the HoloLens.
  2. Use remote support: bring in experts from around the world for a support session via the HoloLens, and learn how to keep your machines running for longer.
  3. Speed-up inspections by using AR: Forget clipboards and lists. With a HoloLens, you can use virtual reality to give your machines their regular health check - technicians have both hands free to operate equipment and create inspection logs, thanks to the AR glasses.

However, the biggest advantage of using the Microsoft HoloLens on machines is that it saves you a huge amount of labor time. The small glasses stay on, whether a piece of equipment needs to be opened or a spare part needs to be identified.

The collected data can also be used to optimize processes and reduce costs - for example, when it's apparent that consumables can be refilled during routine inspections. Configure your e-commerce solution to ensure that these materials are ready for the inspection date by subscription!

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