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To succeed in a digital-first world, you have to keep learning, exploring, and breaking new ground. And it's better to have a trusted partner by your side - one with solid e-commerce experience, a clear vision for the future, and the flexibility to meet your changing demands.

We’re all on the same team

We might seem like your average software company, yet our culture is what sets us apart if you dig a bit deeper. We treat our employees, customers, and partners like team. That means sharing knowledge and insights, respecting each other’s opinions, and celebrating our shared successes. But it also means that we’re there when the going gets tough. Because the best way to achieve our (and your!) ambitious goals is to work as a team.

We love technology…

It’s the foundation of everything we do. We pride ourselves on building trustworthy solutions, incorporating the latest developments, and keeping an ear to the ground for the next big thing. And besides offering a massive range of out-of-the-box B2B e-commerce functionality, we love digging into data, rolling up our sleeves, and churning out custom code that gives our clients and their customers the personalized experience they deserve.

We love technology

...for what it allows us to accomplish

But it's not just the bits and bytes that get us excited — it's about what we can achieve.

Our robust, market-leading technology is designed specifically to meet the needs of manufacturers and wholesalers — helping B2B organizations make the leap to a digital-first, customer-centric, frictionless way of doing business. Turning digital commerce challenges into profitable, future-proof sales platforms is what we do best, and we thrive on helping our customers innovate, scale, and gain a competitive edge.

Code of Conduct for Partners and Suppliers

Our commitment to integrity and quality

We at Intershop attach great importance to constructive, trusting, and respectful partnership with our partners and suppliers. Our Code of Conduct for Partners and Suppliers describes the basic principles that underlie our business relationship.

Read Code of Conduct for Partners and Suppliers

Code of Conduct for Employees

It is important for us to rethink our conduct, both internally and externally, in a time of constant change when we all face great economic and political uncertainty. We have therefore set out the principles we live by every day and documented them in this Code of Conduct.

Read Code of Conduct for Employees

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With our passion for technology, hands-on business experience, and ability to demystify the digital world, we’re focused on a single goal: empowering B2B companies to achieve their full potential. Are you ready for a boost?

Andy Stanis
Andy Stanis Managing Director, Americas Phone