Put your customers first with Intershop and SAP

Pre-configured microservice connectors, including
best-practice data mapping and routing
for the main business objects.

SAP ERP Integration

Combine Intershop and SAP to elevate your
e-commerce success

These days, most buyers turn to digital channels first. They expect a convenient, personalized shopping experience and superior service. Give them all that and more with seamless SAP integrations that allow you to support all your customers at every step in their life cycle.

Efficient ERP integration

Affordable, worry-free implementation thanks to predefined integration scenarios between your SAP ERP and CRM system and your online shop or customer portal.

Direct data exchange

Direct and comprehensive data exchange with standardized integrations between SAP ERP and CRM and the Intershop Commerce Platform, using our partner-developed SAP-certified connectors.

Any system

Transfer data from your online shop or customer portal to your SAP or non-SAP ERP, CRM, or PIM systems for processing.

We plan to run all Audax digital sales channels on the central Intershop platform. The integration of the Audax systems will take place mainly at the backend level. This is one of the aspects where Intershop excels with its API-based architecture. For example, we will integrate the SAP platform for financial processing. We will also connect our CRM and BI platforms to provide a complete 360° view of every single off- and online customer.

We have a lot of data from buyers, 3 million readers of magazines and a lot of information from logistics. There are plenty of opportunities to communicate with customers in a relevant and timely manner. The CRM and BI integration will help to further strengthen customer satisfaction and exploit upand cross-selling potentials through extensive segmentation and personalization. We see a lot of potential in this to quickly increase our sales further.

Daniëlle Vromans Head of Digital Business at Audax

Intershop makes SAP ERP and CRM integrations a breeze

We deliver seamless and scalable integration with SAP. Historically, we have successfully integrated more than 500 customers with their SAP ERP system. Today, at least one in five of our customers integrates SAP using Remote Function Calls (RFC’s), Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI), or web services.

Do you have a complex B2B sales model with uncompromising service goals? Combine your ERP system with Intershop’s customer experience platform to improve customer satisfaction and surpass your targets. Here are a few of the advantages:

  • Integrate procurement systems using the Open Catalog Interface (OCI) to offer seamless, personalized shopping processes.
  • Leverage SAP key master and order data — from catalogs, products, and customers to order history, pricing and availability.
  • Multiple SAP integration interfaces, including RFC, BAPI, iDoc, Netweaver XI, SAP-PI, and SAP JCo


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