Create unique experiences for individual customers with Intershop Experience Management

Want to turn first-time buyers into lifetime customers? Give them exactly what they’re looking for with custom content, offers, interactivity, and functionality for an unbeatable shopping experience.

unique experiences with Intershop customer experience management
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Give your customers a personal and synchronized experience at every touchpoint

Every customer is unique, and with Intershop Experience Management, you can offer all your shoppers precisely what they need, consistently presented via every touchpoint. From personal recommendations to custom promotions, you can tailor your customers’ experience from start to finish.

01 Design custom online stores

Create eye-catching online shops with an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor, personalized for each user.

02 Build impactful campaigns

Make use of convenient templates that help you create personalized content and promotions every day, without starting from scratch.

03 Test & improve

Integrated A/B testing lets you try out different approaches and discover what your audience responds to.

04 Get more social

Add likes, ratings, and recommendations to encourage interaction and gather valuable customer feedback.

Boost customer interaction with captivating content

Manage all your websites, assets, and campaigns from one system. Want to update your images? Add video content? Create a new landing page? It’s all possible with Intershop Experience Management.

Smarter search
Fuzzy search and autocorrect point your customers in the right direction. Filtering options help them fine-tune their results.

Hundreds of templates
Page and component templates, drag & drop editing, and preview functionality ensure anyone can achieve perfect results.

Responsive design
Create multiple sizes and resolutions for impressive content on every device.

Enriched media
Add videos, renders, and views from every angle to deliver accurate product information and make a lasting impression.

Centralized management
Create, edit, manage and approve all your content from one central asset management system.

From global to local
Adapt global content for a regional audience and deploy it to the relevant channels.

Building valuable experiences for any audience

Water filter pioneer Brita needed to build strong relationships with a huge range of B2B and B2C audiences worldwide - and they wanted to do it from a single platform. Discover how they created custom experiences with Intershop.

"The ability to scale globally is a major priority for our company. The internationalization options and subscription functionality in Intershop Commerce Management B2X are a perfect fit with our business and marketing strategy."

Peyman Pakzad Senior Digital Manager International at Brita
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