Intershop Experience Management

Consistent Content and Experiences — Across All Channels and All Stages in the Customer Lifecycle

Intershop Experience Management

Closely coupled with our Commerce Management functionality, Intershop’s Experience Management is a powerful tool for creating, maintaining, and publishing interactive and personalized content.

With our extensible templates and predefined placeholders for search functions, navigation modules, specials carousels, banners, and product recommendations, it’s simple to build pages for your store and brands. Creating new landing pages for promotions, categories, and products is also a breeze.

Personalization features enable customer- or segment-specific content. Campaigns can be used to link content with marketing activities.

Global content can be managed and approved centrally. This ensures that presentation elements appear consistently across the pages and channels where they are deployed. It’s also possible to customize global content for individual channels and regions.

An integrated media asset management system enriches product pages with videos, pictures, and detailed product views. Product content is maintained in a range of media formats.

An intuitive design tool with preview functions for different user groups, time windows, and user devices enables rapid modification of content both before publication and at runtime. Integrated A/B testing makes it possible to compare the performance of multiple page variants and components.

Search and navigation functions include extensive configuration options as well as features, such as autocomplete, faceted search, and autocorrect. Users can be guided to predefined product or content pages.

Work on the laptop and discover new functions

Web Content Management

  • page and component templates
  • management of global master content
  • management of channel-specific and regional content
  • Design View with preview functions
  • drag-and-drop editing functions
  • A/B testing
  • customer segmentation and predefined standard segments
  • segment-specific content
  • content validation with publication status and time period for each page variant and/or individual components

Media Asset Management

  • centralized management of images, videos, and other media content
  • management of multiple product views
  • enrich product presentations with video content
  • upload media directly when creating content
  • reproduce media in multiple sizes and resolutions for use with responsive web design

Search and Navigation

  • fully integrated Solr search, optimized for high search volumes
  • autocomplete
  • faceted search and refinement of search results
  • fuzzy search and autocorrect
  • relevance control for search results
  • searchandizing: guide customers to specific product or content pages
  • display top-selling and new products
  • adaptive navigation for various devices

When customers shop online with us, they’ll experience all the advantages of shopping with their local Majestic store, regardless of the device they use to engage with the channel. These new ways of personalizing our customer experience are being achieved by joining up channels to make the entire shopping journey more relevant to the individual.

Richard Weaver

E-Commerce Director at Majestic Wine

Having the possibility to integrate the commerce platform seamlessly with our content management system and other BRITA IT solutions using Intershop’s powerful REST API was essential for our decision.

Joachim Blömeke

Director of International Business Applications at BRITA

Test contextual experiences in Design View before publishing.

Design View lets you configure page previews for specific customer segments, device types, and time windows. Page components can be selected directly from the page preview for editing. Using preview links, you can share and discuss page designs with others in your organization.

Manager tests in Design View before publishing
Manager configures assortment, promotion and price

Configure individual offers, experiences, and content.

Using segmentation and personalization functions, your teams can configure your product ranges, promotions, prices, campaigns, and web content to suit individual customers or customer groups—for both B2C and B2B scenarios. Deliver relevant content as well as brand and shopping experiences based on demographic, firmographic, behavioral, and situational data.

Efficient sharing and expansion of content

Centrally manage your general and globally valid content and share it across multiple business segments, regions, partner organizations, and sales outlets. Enable local users to adopt global content and expand it with specific content for individual channels and local organizations.

Content expansion manager
enthusiastic customer shows her friend a product with different product views

Generate emotion and create customer interest through interactive shopping experiences.

Show multiple product views. Enrich your product pages with videos that showcase your products in more detail. You can manage product pictures in a range of sizes and resolutions to ensure optimum display on different devices. It’s also easy to configure your product views (e.g., front, side, back), picture types (e.g., S, M, XL), and picture sets (collections of product views and picture types).

Different search strategies for different types of shoppers

You have full control over the configuration of the search function at all times. A wide range of search strategies is available, supporting different types of search behavior among divers customer groups. A choice of navigation concepts makes it possible to consider the screen size on the respective device for maximum user-friendliness. The search technology is optimized for high-volume use.

Team configured search function

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