Personalize your online store content with AI to boost conversion by 20%

Stop the guessing game and create data-driven personalized user experiences with AI-powered algorithms. AI-driven personalization in e-commerce is a great way to improve the buying experience, conversion, and customer satisfaction, especially for manufacturers and wholesalers.

Personalize your online store content with AI-powered search & recommendation engine
Intershop Search & Recommendations: Product discovery is more than just a search result

Product discovery is more than just a search result

Grow your revenue by 29% by displaying products, matching recommendations and additional content tailored to the exact need of the website visitor. Thanks to artificial intelligence and algorithms you can create, control and test without development effort! Explore the full potential of AI-powered personalization in e-commerce.

01 Optimize conversion by 20%

Display perfectly matching products, accessories, documentation or information at the right time and place, on every device.

02 Increase the average order value by 10%

Increase the number of ordered items as well as the margin of sold units by AI-powered recommendations and cross-sell opportunities.

03 ROI in just 3 months

Take full control about which items you display first and run surgical retargeting to instantly boost your sales. The setup only takes a week.

04 Leverage all your data

Find out what your visitors really like by combining unlimited sources of data in Build-your-own-algorithms that work with every platform and on every frontend.


Personalized search results and recommendations based on the given context

Personalized search results turn the search bar into the fastest and most convenient way for customers to find the products they need. So, wow your customers with the perfect recommendation at every touchpoint, taking into account all sources of data you have. Not just product information, but also order history, device used, installed base, time of day, demographics, and even real-time data such as location, weather, and much more!

Smarter search engine
Go beyond search results based on similarity in words! Take into account what’s in the basket already, previous purchases, demographics and more!

Personalized search results
You know your customers best. Put items and brands that match their previous orders first in a search result list or focus on spare parts when they enter the store on mobile!

Full control over the logic
No black box! Drag and drop your search parameters to build algorithms that map all your data. Combine them with the power of artificial intelligence for unlimited scaling and growth.

Others also bought…
Ensure that you present alternatives on product detail pages that are more likely to convert. Otherwise they are useless or become a harmful distraction in the user journey.

Often bought together…
Increase the average order value by recommending complementary products in the cart page or as pop-up in the check-out area. Machine learning technology will make sure they convert.

AI-supported algorithms
Algorithms that make use of your CRM, personal preferences, previously purchased items and items that overlap with known preferences of a customer segment will improve your e-commerce ROI.

"We don’t just respond to customers’ needs anymore – we anticipate them."

Business development executive at a global hardware wholesaler

Artificial intelligence, your way: search and recommendations

Intershop’s search and recommendations engine helps customers to make e-commerce their most profitable sales channel.

The technology communicates seamlessly with every IT tool and every source of data via an API-first approach. PIM, commerce, CRM, location, device, and even real-time data can be connected to create a 360° customer profile in a customer data platform (CDP).

It provides intelligent and versatile ways to transform data into interaction with customers across various channels. The technology originates from SPARQUE.AI – based on the Dutch national research institute for Mathematics and Computer Sciences (CWI) and leverages rule-based artificial intelligence to connect all available information and use it in the frontend.


The REST APIs are accessible to any front-end.

Fast launch

Use Build-your-own-algorithms to combine methods and data. Test your results right away!

Flexible data model

Structured, unstructured, first party or open data, anything goes.

High performance

View personalized product recommendations within 200 ms, calculated over 100.000+ items, tens of millions of order lines and hundreds of thousands of customers.
Our engine is powered by state-of-the-art column store database technology that is fast and reliable.


Operate on the cutting-edge of search and database technology: central is the knowledge graph. A single, rich data model that encompasses all your relevant data, gives it context and enables you to easily add external data.


Benefit from having the most up-to-date technology at your fingertips without bothering about hosting or administration.
You don't have to worry about performance or scalability, we take care of that.

Design your own search and recommendation knowledge graph

Get full control over the user journey by combining building blocks that perform various operations on the knowledge graph: searching, filtering, ranking, transforming, matching, etc.

With the integrated test functionality you continuously assess the results of your evolving project, enabling you to iteratively design the perfect solution to your search problem.

The best thing is: You don’t need senior developers to use this low-code technology! Thanks to the visual drag and drop editor, tech-savvy business users are able to create and roll out the search index within a week.

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