Support hybrid business models with a single e-commerce solution for B2X sales

Provide a consistent brand experience and
seamless shopping journey to all your
B2B and B2C customers.

b2x e-commerce

Deliver a consistent experience and efficient order management across all your channels

Not all companies fit neatly into traditional B2B and B2C models! No matter who you're targeting - from business buyers and partners to resellers and consumers - you can address all your different customer needs with a single e-commerce solution. Manage everything centrally, deliver a consistent experience, and add touchpoints as you grow.

Quickly create new opportunities

Our native capabilities allow you to quickly set up and manage sleek, responsive stores for direct sales or via dealers. Connect all your sales channels to the central Intershop e-commerce platform for a complete overview of your online business, all in one place.

Screenshot: Create new market opportunities
Screenshot: create consistent experiences

Create consistent experiences

It’s hard to provide a consistent customer journey when you’re using different e-commerce applications for every market and region. With Intershop, you can manage all your shops, products, touchpoints and experiences from just one platform.

Ensure seamless buyer journeys

If buyers experience delays or poor communication, they might not come back. Our Order Management solution lets you manage cross-channel order processes to create a seamless shopping experience.

Screenshot: Secure seamless buyer journeys
customer portal for wholesalers gives you data-driven 360° view of your customers

Make your customer’s job easier

Turn your online store into a customer portal that’s truly unique. Using customer data from a variety of sources, you can offer relevant information and self-service options for recurring tasks, creating a tailored experience that makes your customer’s job easier.

Discover why Intershop is the perfect partner for selling to consumers and businesses

With 300+ customers worldwide, Intershop has the knowledge and experience to boost your sales - whether your focus is B2B, B2C or both! Our cloud-based e-commerce platform for B2X is a proven, future-ready foundation for companies who want to reach their full potential.

We give businesses the power to sell to companies, partners, and consumers from a single, comprehensive e-commerce platform for B2X. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Combine multiple business models and organizational structures.
  • Add new channels and touchpoints to scale up without additional development effort.
  • Extend brand(s) consistently across dealers and digital channels, anywhere in the world.
  • Support hundreds of thousands of products, orders, order lines & custom price lists.
  • Turn visitors into buyers with a high-end, consumer-like experience.
  • Boost retention and expand your reach with customer portals that support the full customer life cycle.
  • Support your salesforce on-site with time-saving workforce apps.
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Manage and personalize the commerce experience for all your business models with one central solution

To increase their customer base and boost revenue, more and more B2C companies explore options to scale towards B2B, and many traditional B2B organizations want to leverage the potential of Direct-to-Consumer business. B2X commerce tears down boundaries. Learn more about both:

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