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Fast, Faster, Intershop PWA

Increase your conversion rates with an outstanding and convincing customer experience.
The Intershop PWA stands for best performance of initial page requests and simultaneously ensures all SEO capabilities. All cross concerns are solved and of course our Intershop CMS is also integrated.

It feels like a sequence of interactive screenshots. The page loads incredibly fast.

Alexander Groß


We were really impressed after seeing what you guys have done with the Angular implementation of the PWA. Especially the custom schematics are very nice and easy to use.

Nicky Haze, Jeroen Ooms & Wesley Kauwenbergh

Front-End Developers & Consultant at Incentro

Modern and Fast Front-End Development

Our Progressive Web App realizes a modern web interface with a simplified and fast development process. Combine the advantages of a browser and an application. With our Angular-based PWA, you can implement completely new functionalities for the front-end of your choice and create unique customer experiences in your digital projects.

Release Notes

Release 0.12

Now the PWA supports Credit Card Payment and Direct Debit Transfer. We upgraded to the latest Angular 7 version, updated all external libraries and provide deployment scripts for Azure DevOps. Additionally we did some minor improvements on variation selection, promotion display and user profile editing.


Release 0.11

Next to the schematic for CMS rendering components and ng-mocks for mocking components in tests, we implemented the checkout for an unregistered user. Furthermore users are remembered over page refreshes and are able to set preferred addresses on account addresses page.


Release 0.10

Order and Quote Widgets for the My Account Dashboard are realized. And we enhanced the Content Management - now several CMS components are supported within the storefront (e.g. Carousel, Container, Enhanced Image Teaser, Freestyle HTML, Video, ...).


Release 0.9

In this release we provide a whole series of updates and enhancements like tracking of page visits via Google Analytics, multi-site handling, business customer (B2B) registration, REST API additions and more.