PWA: The foundation for a successful mobile commerce strategy

Create fast, modern mobile websites with a PWA. Deliver a reliable, user-friendly interface for an outstanding customer experience and higher conversion rates.

progressive web app the foundation for a successful mobile commerce strategy

Improve your mobile experience and conversions with a PWA

Consumers and business buyers are shopping on mobile devices more than ever! Deliver a compelling, intuitive mobile experience with a Progressive Web App. Boost your performance and conversions, all at the same time.

Quick time to market

Roll out or update mobile websites in record time while reducing app development costs.

Enhanced performance

Fast load times and fluid navigation give your customers the best possible experience on any mobile device.

SEO advantages

The same search benefits as a regular website, with the look and feel of a native app. Improves user retention, higher organic traffic, and a higher conversion rate.

More conversions

Higher organic traffic and better usability to boost your retention and conversion rates.

Fast open-source frontend development

Meet the demands of the mobile market with the ideal combination of app and website functionality and smooth navigation, even on unstable networks.


The Angular framework allows you to implement new functionality for the frontend of your choice.


Create a unique user experience designed especially for mobile devices.


Innovate, introduce new services, and constantly adapt to changing customer needs.

Fast development

Ready-to-use templates cut development time and costs.

Better functionality

Improve payment processing and content localization, plus create new components with Angular schematics.

Open source

Available as an open-source project under MIT license terms and conditions.

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"We were really impressed with what you have done with the Angular implementation of the PWA. Especially the custom schematics are easy to use."

Wesley Kauwenbergh Frontend developer at INCENTRO
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