PWA: The foundation for a successful mobile commerce strategy

Create fast, modern mobile websites with a Progressive Web App (PWA). Deliver a reliable, user-friendly interface for an outstanding customer experience and higher conversion rates.

Create fast, modern mobile websites with a Progressive Web App

Improve your mobile experience and conversions with a Progressive Web App (PWA)

Consumers and business buyers are shopping on mobile devices more than ever! Deliver a compelling, intuitive mobile experience with a Progressive Web App (PWA). Boost your performance and conversions, all at the same time.

01 Quick time to market

Roll out or update mobile websites in record time while reducing app development costs.

02 Enhanced performance

Fast load times and fluid navigation give your customers the best possible experience on any mobile device.

03 SEO advantages of the PWA

The same search benefits as a regular website, with the look and feel of a native app. Improves user retention, higher organic traffic, and a higher conversion rate.

04 More conversions

Higher organic traffic and better usability to boost your retention and conversion rates.

Fast open-source frontend development

Meet the demands of the mobile market with the ideal combination of app and website functionality and smooth navigation, even on unstable networks.

The Angular framework allows you to implement new functionality for the frontend of your choice.

Create a unique user experience designed especially for mobile devices.

Innovate, introduce new services, and constantly adapt to changing customer needs.

Fast development
Ready-to-use templates cut development time and costs.

Better functionality
Improve payment processing and content localization, plus create new components with Angular schematics.

Open source
Available as an open-source project under MIT license terms and conditions.

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What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

A Progressive Web App or PWA is an alternative user interface for a website. It combines the advantages of a classic front-end with those of a native app. Your users can launch your store via an icon from their cell phone or be directed to your products from an online search - the technical solution in the background is the same. This is how a PWA enables a fast and intuitive app experience on the smartphone without you having to develop and maintain apps for every operating system.

What are the benefits of a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

Online shops are increasingly being accessed on mobile devices. That's why companies need to improve the use and user-friendliness of mobile websites. A Progressive Web App (PWA) offers many benefits:

  • It enables your customers to have an ideal user experience, which is fast and cost-effective for you to create.
  • It has functionalities that make native apps popular, for example, sending push notifications or creating a shortcut on the home screen.
  • A PWA doesn't need to be specifically developed and verified in app stores, nor do its updates.
  • Mobile websites work smoothly even with poor internet connection.
  • A PWA ensures better performance of websites, as data is asychronously loaded.
  • They meet the highest security standards.

Why should you use Intershop's PWA?

Progressive Web Apps are designed with mobile-first in mind. Your customers feel like they're using an app designed specifically for them-with all the familiarities they love about other apps: Catalogs, products, the personal account, and other features are available offline (and updated in the background when an Internet connection is available).

Intershop's Progressive Web App also enables much better reach: unlike native apps, the content on a PWA web page can be recognized by search engines and displayed in Search Results Lists. You also avoid the hurdle of your customers having to download an app from the App Store and constantly update it. A PWA is always up-to-date!

Developing a PWA is significantly more cost-effective than developing a native app, because you develop one solution for everything: laptop, mobile, tablet - and it's independent of the operating system! By the way, Intershop offers a PWA out-of-the-box as standard, which already includes all important functions. All you have to do is adapt the template to your corporate identity, add your products, and you're ready to go!

PWA Changelog

Progressive Web App

  1. Progressive Web App | Release 5.0

    Starting with this release, the PWA is compatible with ICM 11.7+ and comes with an update to Angular 16. Multiple NGINX instances can now share the same Redis cache. Additionally, this release introduces co-browsing support for the Intershop Customer Engagement Center as well as experimental support for the Design View. Find the full changelog on GitHub.

  2. Progressive Web App | Release 4.2

    PWA 4.2 brings several accessibility improvements, additional monitoring metrics, better handling of "SameSite" and "Secure" cookie settings, improved SSR performance and other improvements based on community feedback. More details on GitHub.

  3. Progressive Web App | Release 4.1

    This release is heavily influenced by feedback and input from the community - thank you for your support. The AddressDoctor integration ensures accurate address validation and package delivery. OCI punchout configuration was added, and themes are now dynamically customizable with CSS custom properties. “Accept only essential” is introduced to cookie consent management. In addition to improved token endpoint handling, this release also includes further accessibility improvements with positive effects on SEO. Find more release details and additions on GitHub.

  4. Progressive Web App | Release 4.0

    This major release comes with a bunch of new features for B2B-Buyers. We added Product Notifications for price and availability changes. Furthermore, Product Zoom is now available in a full screen dialogue and a clean print view is available for quick and easy PDF export. We have also introduced account navigation grouping and we updated to Angular 15. See all enhancements and updates on GitHub.

  5. Progressive Web App | Release 3.3

    To make the PWA more accessible to people with disabilities, we will provide improvements with each new release to also comply with the European Accessibility Act by 2025. In addition to design preview support for ICM, we have added the Message to Merchant feature to the checkout. Find the full change log on GitHub.

  6. Progressive Web App | Release 3.2

    PWA 3.2 uses ICM '/token' REST endpoint for authentication. For better analyzing, metrics of theme instances are provided and combined. Addresses can now easily be updated via the My Account Addresses page. More details on GitHub.

  7. Progressive Web App | Release 3.1

    PWA 3.1 now provides support for two separate applications in hybrid mode and a PWA Hybrid Demo is available. Next to more expressive displaying of server errors for easier problem analyzing, the following was added: a specific header component for error, customer approval and personal data request (GDPR) handling. See more additions and updates on GitHub.

  8. Progressive Web App | Release 3.0

    The new major release contains an update to Angular 14, as well as an update of the ESLint Rules in terms of accessibility and an upgrade to Cypress 10.
    It is now possible to create product reviews on the product detail page. In addition, users can now navigate faster using the new “Back To Top” button. In terms of SEO optimization, full hierarchy is available in the paths of content, product, and category URLs. The footer is now manageable via CMS. Furthermore, the basket performance has been improved for large baskets by means of several adaptions.

  9. Progressive Web App | Release 2.4

    The PWA 2.4 displays product reviews on the product detail page and dynamic promotion messages in the shopping cart. Additionally, you can selectively activate source maps on runtime.

  10. Progressive Web App | Release 2.3

    Our new 2.3 release introduces price update strategies, makes product service default attributes easily overridable, and provides clean localizations on used sources.

  11. Progressive Web App | Release 2.2

    With PWA 2.2 customers can set a desired delivery date for their order. The display of scaled prices is also supported. For better operations we introduced a new logging format, and developers can now better reuse existing form fields to improve development efficiency and avoid duplicate code.

  12. Progressive Web App | Release 2.1

    PWA 2.1 supports personalization via catalog views, customer-specific assortments and customer-specific pricing. The navigation can now be extended via CMS without development effort. For more efficient deployment in cloud environments we now provide a Helm chart for PWA via Github and all released PWA versions as containers via Docker Hub.

  13. Progressive Web App | Release 2.0

    The new major release contains an update to Angular 13, updates of all 3rd party libraries as well as a migration from TSLint to ESLint for better development support.
    Content Editors can now manage content for many additional pages like product pages, category pages, cart and checkout pages, and my account pages.
    The store finder allows customers to search for nearby stores to support online and offline customer journeys in a better way.

  14. Progressive Web App | Release 1.4

    With PWA 1.4 B2B customer organisations can manage cost centers, define and monitor cost center budgets, and assign users with admin or buyer roles to cost centers. Improved caching results in better page performance, and server side rendering can be enabled or disabled for end users and web crawlers separately.

  15. Progressive Web App | Release 1.3

    The new release supports cost center approval for B2B customers in order to allow for more sophisticated purchasing processes. To ease quick order via CSV file, a sample file is now available for this type of order.

  16. Progressive Web App | Release 1.2

    Release 1.2 is focused on performance improvements. Loading times of many pages were reduced and enhanced caching results in much better overall performance. For developers we provide more convenience when working with multiple themes and multiple branches.

  17. Progressive Web App | Release 1.1

    The new version allows B2B customers to select a cost center during checkout, display and download of documents related to products, and several improvements for Punchout support, single sign on and translation handling.

  18. Progressive Web App | Release 1.0

    Our first major release comes with better multi-theme and customization support, improved operations, several new business features and new CMS components. It is also the first long term support version of PWA, receiving ongoing updates for critical issues for the next 12 months.

  19. Progressive Web App | Release 0.31

    In the new PWA release localization management via Intershop Commerce Management is supported. Further improvements were made in the handling of locales as well as multi-channel setup.

  20. Progressive Web App | Release 0.30

    The new release contains improvements for Single Sign On. New users can now be added to existing company accounts by using external Identity Management solutions. For cXML Punchout we now support self-service configuration of connections to procurement systems.

  21. Progressive Web App | Release 0.29

    The new PWA version now supports cXML Punchout (creating a cXML Punchout session, creating a basket, cXML Punchout to a procurement system) as well as additional OCI Punchout features. B2B companies can now also register accounts using external identity providers. Developers can now use an overwriting mechanism to specifically overwrite any file in order to ease customization and upgrading.

  22. Progressive Web App | Release 0.28

    With the new release developers can easily build complex forms with the help of the Formly library. Multi-system configuration support allows using one PWA for any number of Interhop Commerce Management systems, saving operational costs. PWA is now even faster as well through an optimized bundle size.

  23. Progressive Web App | Release 0.27

    Next to Cybersource credit card payment support, this release comes with Punchout functionality. Including user management, basket transmission and functions routing (OCI Punchout). And we have even more features, follow the link below for all details.

  24. Progressive Web App | Release 0.26

    In the newest version order approval for B2B customers is supported, enabling more complex purchasing processes. B2C customers can now login via external identity providers like Facebook, Google etc. and use checkout acceleration for more convenient shopping.


PIERCE, one of the most successful Swedish e-commerce companies of all time, continues to unwaveringly pursue its ambitious expansion course. With Intershop, its international success is based on a scalable and future-proof e-commerce platform that handles peak loads on Black Friday just as reliably as the central management of almost 40 online stores in 17 European countries. Since 70% of visitors to PIERCE online stores use mobile devices and 50% of purchases are made on the move, PIERCE has converted its online stores to a Progressive Web App that is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring short loading times and a frictionless user experience.

“We have therefore taken a ‘mobile-first approach’ from the very beginning in order to offer our customers the best possible shopping experience”

Willem Voss Chief Operations Officer at PIERCE
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