Smarter data management with BI helps you make the right decisions

Combine your commerce and order management data
in a central solution to reveal what matters, efficiently manage
your processes, and uncover user needs to grow your business.

Smart data management with business intelligence
Manage and analyze your e-commerce data with business intelligence

Manage all your business data your way

We're all drowning in data these days — but it's only useful if you know what to do with it! Intershop's Business Intelligence Data Hub takes the guesswork out of product and order data to help you make informed decisions in real time.

01 Unite your data

Manage and analyze all your e-commerce data conveniently and efficiently in real-time.

02 Start immediately

See all the information you need at a glance with out-of-the-box, high impact reports and dashboards.

03 Get strategic insights

Optimize your business processes based on in-depth data analytics that enable strategic decisions.

04 Use key applications

Get a 360° view of your business through a seamless integration with your BI and AI applications.

Put your data to work for the entire organization

Support all your business decisions with solid data, available in an instant. Identify best sellers, discover top-performing channels, and track recent orders to improve your processes and customer experience.

Real-time tracking
See order status and user behavior in real time to spot trends and make valuable adjustments.

Reports & dashboards
Ready-to-use templates, sharable reports, and personalized dashboards give everyone the exact information they need.

Unlimited access
Store your data as long as you like and access it on-the-go from all your devices.

Insightful analytics
Optimize acquisition costs, monitor product sales and so much more.

Business optimization
Gain valuable insights to improve operational efficiency, update workflows, and solve strategic issues.

Trusted connections
Collect data from hundreds of different sources. BI Data Hub connects with analytics tools like MS Power BI, Tableau, and Sisense.

Big data means big opportunities. If you know how to use it.

Data is an essential resource for every company, but it’s growing by the minute, and many businesses are still struggling to uncover its true value. Read our recent blog post to find out how to transform data into intelligence.


"Forbes predicted that by 2020, 1.7 megabytes of new data would be generated for each person - per second. But only 0.5% of that data is being analyzed and used."

What is business intelligence (BI)?

Digital solutions provide data about their users: demographic information, details on purchasing behavior, popular features, and more. With business intelligence solutions, you can evaluate this information and make business decisions based on data. That makes business intelligence the central anchor of any digital strategy.

For example, if your data shows that the frequency of repeat orders from a regular customer is declining, this can be a trigger for your sales team to revive the customer relationship. Or, thanks to business intelligence, identify your best sellers in real time from over 50 categories and hundreds of product variants!

What can manufacturers and wholesalers use business intelligence for?

Companies are still facing three major problems: Data volumes are increasing in a short period of time, unstructured data is completely worthless, and companies' goals regarding the evaluation and further use of the data are insufficiently defined. Business intelligence is the solution here: statistical formulas and algorithms can be used to recognize patterns in the data and generate new information.

Business intelligence gives you a complete overview of your company's e-commerce performance, but also allows you to drill down to the smallest details. Track the status of individual orders, see which payment methods and products are most popular, and identify your most profitable customers!

What makes Intershop's Business Intelligence Hub so special?

  • Business managers get an overview of the most important KPIs of their business initiatives, such as the performance of different regions and brands.
  • E-commerce managers, category and product managers keep an eye on the performance of their customers, products, categories and payment methods thanks to BI.
  • Individually filtered analyses can be saved and reused, and integrated into the company's own dashboards.
  • Marketing managers use BI to monitor the success of their measures on the basis of detailed evaluations of their campaigns as well as meaningful customer and user analyses. These reports also allow them to keep an eye on the progress of their company's digitalization project.
  • Sales and customer service employees use detailed business intelligence reports at customer level to derive needs and respond to changes in customers' purchasing behavior. These customer-centric reports can be directly integrated into Intershop's Customer Engagement Center to efficiently support customers in the ordering process.

Can e-commerce data predict the churn of customers? Learn more in our blog post!

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