Smarter data management for insights you can actually use

Combine your commerce and order management data
in a central solution to reveal what matters, efficiently manage
your processes, and uncover user needs to grow your business.

business intelligence

Manage all your business data your way

We're all drowning in data these days — but it's only useful if you know what to do with it! Intershop's Business Intelligence Data Hub takes the guesswork out of product and order data to help you make informed decisions in real time.

Unite your data

Bring your data from Commerce Management and Order Management together in one place to feed it into your reporting, analytics and AI applications.

Start immediately

Fast set up to gather, prepare, store, and offer business data from one single source means you're reporting in a flash.

Get user-level insights

Drill down into specific user roles (from managers to the shop floor) to better understand their needs and behavior.

Keep it clean

Maintain a pristine e-commerce database to power your unique business models and data strategy.

Put your data to work for the entire organization

Support all your business decisions with solid data, available in an instant. Identify best sellers, discover top-performing channels, and track recent orders to improve your processes and customer experience.

Real-time tracking

See order status and user behavior in real time to spot trends and make valuable adjustments.

Reports & dashboards

Ready-to-use templates, sharable reports, and personalized dashboards give everyone the exact information they need.

Unlimited access

Store your data as long as you like and access it on-the-go from all your devices.

Insightful analytics

Optimize acquisition costs, monitor product sales and so much more.

Business optimization

Gain valuable insights to improve operational efficiency, update workflows, and solve strategic issues.

Trusted connections

Collect data from hundreds of different sources. BI Data Hub connects with analytics tools like MS Power BI, Tableau, and Sisense.

Big data means big opportunities. If you know how to use it.

Data is an essential resource for every company, but it’s growing by the minute, and many businesses are still struggling to uncover its true value. Read our recent blog post to find out how to transform data into intelligence.


"Forbes predicted that by 2020, 1.7 megabytes of new data would be generated for each person - per second. But only 0.5% of that data is being analyzed and used."

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