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e-commerce platform
2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce: Intershop has been recognized! Download your complimentary copy!

A solid, future-proof foundation that’s ready to scale

Intershop offers the e-commerce innovations you need to be successful today, and the future-ready foundation to support ambitious growth. Take advantage of the latest developments to connect with your customers and stay one step ahead of the competition.

SaaS commerce
Minimize costs and risk with a SaaS commerce solution created especially for complex businesses and product lines.

Cloud-based platform
Secure, flexible, and accessible from anywhere on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Continuous updates ensure top performance 24/7.

Add new functionality one component at a time to improve performance and customer satisfaction, without any major migrations.

Developer tools
Take an open, collaborative approach to development with standard technologies like Java and Angular, and API-first architecture.

Stand out from the crowd and deliver a unique customer experience

Turbo Agile Commerce
Launch faster and stay flexible with robust e-commerce capabilities that are easy to customize for your unique needs. Differentiate your business and turbo-charge your results.


Out-of-the-box B2B capabilities
Robust tools and templates adapt to your corporate structure, workflows, and sales regions. Self-service options empower your customers and take the pressure off your sales teams.


Unsurpassed customer experience
Give your buyers the best possible experience with personalized customer portals, targeted promotions, and advanced order management functionality.

Intershop is at your service

When you work with Intershop, we treat you like part of the team. From product training and onboarding sessions to strategic business insights, our employees and extensive partner network are here to help you achieve your commerce goals.

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Have your implemention managed directly by Intershop or through one of our global partners.

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Our training courses empower you to use and customize your platform.

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Customer success

We can take care of your online shop for you!

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Make smarter, data-powered decisions

The world of digital commerce is constantly evolving, and Intershop gives you access to the most promising innovations for engaging with your customers! Make smarter data-powered decisions, quickly launch mobile websites, and turn any interactive device into a sales channel.

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Extend our platform and expand your capabilities

Intershop is the engine that drives your e-commerce success. Connect all your essential systems and add new capabilities to better serve your customers, create unforgettable experiences, and expand your reach - all from one central platform.

Clear subscriptions, no hidden surprises

Three levels of pricing, plus access to a global partner network to give your business exactly what you need.

A solution for each lifecycle