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Intershop Communications AG is a leading provider of integrated e-commerce solutions. Our aim is to grow profitably and increase the value of our company, while continuing to consolidate our strong market position. Our cloud-based solutions help companies to realize ambitious digital sales and service strategies. We offer them the software, implement the projects and operate the webshops upon request.

Why invest in Intershop?

Powered by innovation and focused on sustainable growth, Intershop represents an attractive investment in the e-commerce technology landscape. These are the top 4 reasons why you should invest in Intershop:

  • Leading independent provider of cloud-based e-commerce platforms with superior product technology and services
  • Unique platform capabilities for brands that want to grow internationally
  • Marketing and sales focus on the dynamic B2B market, with Intershop perfectly suited for complex environments
  • Profitable growth through leading position in the middle segment of the B2B market for digital commerce platforms
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