Intershop Commerce Management

Website Visitors Come and Go. With Intershop, They Stay and Buy.

Intershop Commerce Management

Increase your conversion rates and deliver truly exceptional customer service using innovative and intuitive shopping and service processes with tailored functionality. Intershop can adapt to the unique demands of your business and your national or international sales and service models.

Functional Highlights

With our multi-shop, multi-client solution, you can manage your entire global sales organization conveniently and flexibly through a single back office system.

More pricing policy options thanks to flexible pricing and discount features, price bundles, and coupons.

Whichever touchpoints your customers use, our multi-touchpoint concept ensures absolute consistency throughout the user experience as well as flawless continuity when switching between touchpoints.

Fast. Easy. Straightforward. Make it simpler to complete a purchase, with a clear and intuitive order process.

Targeted. Customer-specific. Powerful. Create sophisticated campaigns with the high-performance Intershop Promotion Engine.

An online customer center with informative content and self-service features streamlines your customer service processes and makes ordering quicker and easier.


Organization management

  • Efficient management and modeling of complex sales organizations
  • Multi-shop and multi-client capability for dedicated stores, e.g., for multiple brands, partners, retailers, and regions as well as B2B and B2C models
  • Intuitive channel browser for easy management and control of all stores
  • Full localization functionality, e.g., language, time zone, currency, and tax
  • Centralized management of users, roles, and rights as well as approval and authorization processes

Omni-channel & multi-touchpoint

  • Unlimited touchpoints per shop, e.g., for web store, in-store, mobile apps, IoT, or voice commerce
  • Custom layouts, templates, content, and promotions for each touchpoint
  • Cross-touchpoint continuity
  • User roles and rights for each touchpoint
  • Centralized management of all touchpoints via one back office
  • Touchpoint-sensitive Synaptic Commerce API

Promotion Engine

  • Promotions can be time-triggered for individual touchpoints and customer groups
  • Multiple promotion types—e.g., “buy 2, get 1 free” promotions, percentage and absolute product or cart discounts, free gifts above a certain cart value
  • Combinable promotions with detailed promotion rules and conditions
  • Custom web content for each promotion and touchpoint
  • Synaptic Commerce Promotion API

Prices and price lists

  • Dedicated price lists for customers or customer groups and for B2C or B2B models
  • Bulk pricing, time-specific prices, and absolute or percentage discounts and rules
  • Multiple international currencies per price list
  • Customizable discounts and coupons
  • Synaptic Commerce API for synchronizing prices with SAP, Microsoft, and other back-end systems

Shopping cart, payment, and shipping

  • In-shop or via REST API: give customers a single cart and checkout across all touchpoints
  • International currencies, prices, taxes, delivery dates, and shipping charges
  • Global Synaptic Commerce payment partners
  • Delivery address and date configurable for each order item
  • Synaptic Commerce API for sharing order data with SAP, Microsoft, and other back-end systems

Customer details and account

  • REST API for single customer account across all touchpoints
  • Approval processes for new customers
  • Customer account with order history and details, addresses, payment options, wish lists, notifications, and gift vouchers
  • Synaptic Commerce API for synchronizing customer and order data with CRM and ERP systems, e.g., Microsoft, Salesforce, and SAP

B2B-specific Features

Quotation management and workflows

  • Easy quotation request via shopping cart or product page
  • Centralized back office for processing quotation requests
  • Overview of all quotation requests in B2B customer portal
  • Options to accept, reject, or continue negotiating quotations
  • Synaptic Commerce API for integration of quotation processes in every touchpoint

Master purchase agreements

  • Volume-based master purchase agreements with validity period, target volume, and custom pricing
  • Automatic allocation of ordered products to relevant master purchase agreements
  • Centralized management of master purchase agreements in back office
  • Overview of all master purchase agreements and details in B2B customer portal

Organizational structure & permissions

  • Flexible management of budgets, cost centers, and buyers in B2B customer portal
  • Approval workflow for releasing orders
  • Custom spending limits by order, period, and buyer
  • Centralized management of roles, rights, and approval processes
  • Single company account with account administrator

Open Catalog Interface (OCI)

  • Easy setup and configuration of OCI integration in B2B customer portal
  • Access to customer-specific catalogs, products, prices, and availability levels
  • Support for OCI 4.0 and 5.0
  • Customizable OCI fields
  • Support for validation, detailed display, and background search functions

B2B order process

  • Quick order via product IDs or CSV upload
  • Standard payment methods, separate delivery and billing addresses for a company
  • Indication of individual product and order numbers
  • Convenient re-ordering of previously purchased items using order templates
  • Auto-delivery option for regularly ordered items

Secure, powerful, and future-ready

  • Synaptic Commerce APIs for flexible integration with ERP, CRM, PIM, and other back-end systems
  • Synaptic Commerce architecture for modular expansion and adaptation
  • Exceptional performance and scalability
  • Support for PA/PCI-DSS
B2B highlights

Advanced Functionality for B2B Commerce

Our advanced B2B features cater to the specific requirements of this commerce model. These include multi-step approval processes with various user roles as well as lengthy decision-making processes involving multiple participants—both of which are common aspects of complex procurement hierarchies. With our transparent online ordering processes, automated approvals, and self-service options for buyers, Intershop has made shopping easier for B2B customers and reduced the transaction costs for the vendor.

  • more efficiency in sales
    Empower your sales staff with integrated quotation workflows and respond quickly and easily to quotation requests.
  • enhanced customer loyalty
    Use customized master purchase agreements to provide greater planning security—for you and your customers.
  • more convenience through self-service
    Let your customers create their own procurement processes using role, rights, budget, and cost-center management with integrated approval workflows.
  • easy integration with OCI
    Seamlessly embed your online store in your customers’ procurement processes.
  • efficient and direct
    A fast and convenient order process—optimized for your B2B customers.
  • secure, powerful, and future-ready
    The best option for your future growth.

One commerce platform—wherever you want to sell

Set up new stores and digital channels quickly and easily and tap into new markets and customer segments. By controlling all those channels and associated content via a single solution, you can increase your efficiency and create new synergies. Your entire sales organization and general content are managed centrally and can be adapted locally as required.

Self-service for B2B customers

The role-based B2B account dashboard provides business customers with a range of self-service options. Customers can view the status of an order, manage budgets and users, and create order templates at any time. They can also request quotations and negotiate offers directly from the self-service area. The order approval process can be automated using predefined budget limits.

Increase conversion rates

Boost conversion across all devices with a smooth and intuitive order process, saved shopping carts, and a range of relevant payment and shipping methods.

Situation-specific and time-triggered promotions

Use the Intershop Promotion Engine to control a wide range of promotion options, including special rates, percentage discounts, and fixed discounts. Trigger promotions based on customer behavior, e.g., when a customer makes a purchase during a specific time period. Every aspect of every promotion—from duration and target group to content and deep links—is combined in a single process.

Attract new customers and increase cart values

Optimize your websites, categories, metadata, URLs, and images for search engines. Connect with your customers using personalized content and perfectly timed promotions.