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Millions of products, thousands of customers, and dozens of online
shops? One commerce management solution strong enough to
handle them all, with the flexibility to give every buyer a personalized experience.

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Designed with B2B in mind

Intershop Commerce Management gives your customers the smooth shopping experience they are familiar with as a consumer while offering smart benefits for B2B organizations.

Quick & easy orders

Create a clear, user-friendly order process, so your B2B buyers can get what they need in a few clicks.

Convenient self-service

Put budgeting and order management in the hands of your buyers to increase satisfaction and independence.

Custom approvals

Enable multi-step, multi-user approval processes to reflect your customers' unique procurement hierarchy.

Easy OCI integration

Use an open catalog interface (OCI) to effortlessly connect your online store to your customers’ internal procurement processes.

Super-efficient sales

Digitalize your repetitive sales tasks and workflows so your team can focus on key accounts.

Scale & extend

Our system grows with you! Add products, create new customer portals, and extend functionality with built-in, future-ready features and hundreds of APIs.

Wow your customers and increase conversions

With Intershop Commerce Management, you've got the power to control all your sales channels and touchpoints from one system. Give your customers a synchronized, personal experience on every device, with every interaction.

Intuitive shopping experience

Advanced shopping cart and order capabilities make check-out and payments easier than ever – on every channel.

Personalized pricing

Take a personal approach! Create custom offers at a moment’s notice with a wide variety of pricing and discount options.

Targeted promotions

Campaign management features help you create tailored content and promotions for your buyers, based on their needs and behavior.

Multi-touchpoint consistency

Provide flawless continuity with every interaction - for a better user experience and seamless brand story.

Embracing the digital future with a personal touch

See how Würth boosted customer loyalty, integrated physical and digital channels, and increased revenue with Intershop Commerce Management.

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“Our online shop is the heart of everything we do.”

Gerard Scheffel Head of E-Commerce at Würth
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