Rely on low-code for your SAP integration

The Intershop Integration Hub reduces your implementation efforts by 80% and thus accelerates your innovation cycles.

Intershop Integration Hub
Intershop Integration Hub

Discover the benefits of the Intershop Integration Hub:

Reduce high upfront costs when integrating your e-commerce platform into your system landscape with Intershop’s low-code Integration Hub. Our out-of-the-box connectors enable you to integrate into different systems as efficiently as possible, no matter how many pieces of software you need to integrate into your e-commerce platform. Integrate SAP, but also other ERP systems, PIM, OMS, various databases and your own in-house applications easily, quickly and without development effort to your commerce platform.

01 SAP integration in hours, not weeks

Thanks to the out-of-the-box connectors of the Intershop Integration Hub, you can integrate all SAP functions that are relevant for e-commerce without development effort – as fast as never before.

02 Realize smart customer portals

Seamlessly integrate all your tools, data sources, and processes – including custom developments – for an unprecedented user experience.

03 Accelerate innovation and raise the satisfaction of your employees with low-code

Take full advantage of composable commerce and extend and adapt your commerce solution without much risk. Your IT will be thrilled!

04 Reduce your operating costs in the long term

Save costs for integration, operation or updates – simply integrate all your commerce functions into a scalable low-code cloud service!

What is the Intershop Integration Hub?

The biggest hurdles for a fast time-to-market of a commerce solution are the SAP integration, but also the integration of other ERP systems, PIM, OMS, databases, in-house developments and even legacy systems. Typically, development teams spend several weeks working on these integrations. And after that, these connectors need to be maintained, updated and secured by your IT. Can it be done more efficiently? Yes!

The Intershop Integration Hub is a low-code enterprise integration platform that enables business users and IT teams alike to quickly and easily connect all of your company's tools and data sources with no development effort. Our scalable cloud service turns application users into developers which relieves your IT department of all the integration efforts in your company.

SAP integration
Thanks to a large number of preset integrations, you can map many standard scenarios with just a few clicks.

All you need to do is configure the SAP endpoints. The Integration Hub takes care of authentication and communication.

Bridge silos across enterprise applications
Integrate everything: from various ERP to PIM, from databases to your own applications and legacy systems.

Smart customer portals
Create custom frontends that predict your customers' needs with AI and adapt to their individual needs.

Keep your legacy systems
Don't sacrifice system-critical IT components, but integrate them into an agile technology landscape.

E-commerce ROI in no time
Reduce time-to-market significantly with ready-to-use SAP interfaces and efficient use of APIs.

"Intershop’s drive for constant innovation has opened up another chapter for our customers. After the acquisition of SPARQUE.AI for personalized search and recommendations, we now have the best answer for integrations. We reduce implementation efforts by a significant 80 percent and enable an accelerated go-live of our platform for our customers."

Markus Klahn CEO

How to easily integrate SAP BAPIs and customer-specific developments

The need for integrations of non-SAP systems into SAP is great as the system landscape in most enterprises ranges across SAP and other third-party solutions which causes friction for users. SAP therefore offers the possibility to connect external systems such as the Intershop Commerce Platform to SAP to enable a bidirectional data exchange and seamless digital user experiences at different touchpoints.

How does the Intershop Integration Hub provide SAP integration?

SAP provides available business objects for access by external systems via BAPI (Business Application Programming Interfaces) and RFC (Remote Function Call). Examples of business objects are orders, customers, or articles.   

The Intershop Integration Hub acts as middleware between SAP and the Intershop Commerce Platform. As a special feature, the system not only offers all default SAP BAPI ready for use, but also makes business objects without BAPI, and even customer-specific developments immediately available for the commerce platform by means of its own SAP add-on.   

This means that you can do without dedicated development projects, in which such connectors had to be manually developed, tested and individually deployed so far.  

The configuration of SAP connectors in the Intershop Integration Hub is simple and risk-free, as functioning templates are available ready for use and each business object created can already be tested for functionality within the application.   

When do you benefit from the Intershop Integration Hub?

  • if your company is in the midst of digitalization
  • if you want to offer your customers a modern, personalized customer portal for every type of interaction

  • if you want to react to changing market needs quickly and with low risk

  • if your IT department has no capacity for integrations

  • if you want to focus on your business and create added value for your customers, while at the same time taking advantage of new technologies
  • if you want to see the benefits of digitalization also in business growth and revenue increase
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Do you want to integrate SAP and other systems quickly and efficiently into your e-commerce solution?

With the Intershop Integration Hub, you can reduce implementation efforts by 80%. I would be happy to show you exactly how this works.

Octavio Perales
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