Release Changelog

Our products are improving continuously. Every new release provides enhancements, fixes, or new features. On this page we provide an overview of recent improvements regarding the Intershop Commerce Platform. Including updates and additions for Commerce Management, Progressive Web App and Order Management. For more detailed information about all Intershop products, please visit our Knowledge Base.

  1. Commerce Management | Release 7.10.29

    With this release more specific roles for system administration users have been introduced in Intershop Organization Management (Operations). Furthermore, cXML Punchout is now supported, product import has been enhanced, and the SQL Script Preparer uses UTF-8 character sets, so it is possible to prepare names and descriptions for multiple locales. For details, follow the link below:

  2. Progressive Web App | Release 0.29

    The new PWA version now supports cXML punchout (creating a cXML punchout session, creating a basket, cXML punchout to a procurement system) as well as additional OCI punchout features. B2B companies can now also register accounts using external identity providers. Developers can now use an overwriting mechanism to specifically overwrite any file in order to ease customization and upgrading.

  3. Order Management | Release 3.0

    The Intershop Order Management 3.0 is delivered in form of Docker-images, which can be used directly. Additionally, Helm-charts are provided, allowing the automated operation in Kubernetes. To see all further enhancements and updates, follow the link below.