Release Notes and Documentation

Release Changelog

Our products are improving continuously. Every new release provides enhancements, fixes or new features. On this page we provide an overview of recent changes of the Intershop Commerce Management, Intershop PWA and Intershop Order Management. For more detailed information about all Intershop products, please visit our Knowledge Base.

Release 7.10.16

This release uses the new Solr version 8.2.0 and offers and enhanced image management. We also added new features - Payment Notifications and API token login. Additionally we introduced a new requestable REST attributenumberOfRatings”. See the release notes for more information.


Release 7.10.15

Our new B2C Cashback feature rewards your customers, raises their engagement and will boost your sales. We also provide a new URL rewrite rule for search, introduced Re-Captcha v3 (enabled per default) and enhanced our REST API.


Release 7.10.12

All ICM REST resources are now documented via OpenAPI
New REST API for payment redirect handling
Added SEO attributes for product and catalog REST API
Enhancements for the Customer Specific Assortments feature (Category Page)

Release 7.10.9

Enhancements for the Customer Specific Assortments feature (Main Menu)
New preference in the image management
New requestable REST attribute
Upgrade from JGorups 3.4.1 to 4.0.19

Release 7.10.5

New Customer Specific Assortments feature
"Available via REST API" flag for Attribute Groups
Major Release 7.0.0 of the Responsive Starter Store
Enhanced REST API
Intershop PWA Release 0.8.0
Development Tools | AdoptOpenJDK 8
CAPTCHA available for the "Contact us" page
New Promotion Code Search

Release 7.10.3

Product Information Management
Microsoft Azure SQL Database | Support for Managed Instance
Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Inventory Connector enhancements

Release 7.10

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Support
Initial PWA Release 0.7.0

Release 0.19

In the new release we added Quick Order support for B2B customers via quick order form or CSV upload. B2C customers now see all items of their wishlists in the my account dashboard. Support for direct debit transfer as payment method was added and the PWA now supports additional configuration settings like b2b price display settings and payment cost thresholds.


Release 0.18

PWA can now be run in a hybrid mode with the classic inSPIRED Responsive Starter Store, supporting smooth migration projects and complex B2B scenarios. B2C customers can manage multiple wishlists to save products for later purchase. URL rewrite rules now support easily customizable localized URL´s for product and category pages and for developers a new schematic for facades is available.


Release 0.17

The PWA now supports dynamic theming, so different stores can be themed differently. Saved payment information are now available in the My Account section. We added the customized-copy schematic and a script for setting up customizations. Please refer to the release notes to learn more about further improvements in this version.


Release 0.16

Our first open source release allows you to set meta tags for SEO optimization, supports Google reCaptcha V3 and lazy loading for CMS-managed images and videos. Follow the link to see more new features and updates in this version.


Release 2.16

Enhancements of the User Interface OMT

Introduced Order Progress Bar
Added Number of Blocked Stock to the Product Detail Page

Release 2.15

Enhancements of the User Interface OMT

Run Actions on Business Messages
Stuck Order Count - Orders that needs attention


Extended REST-API for RMA
New REST-API for Order State

Release 2.14

Enhancements of the User Interface OMT

Search for Business Messages


Extended REST-API for Business Messages

Release 2.13

Enhancements of the User Interface OMT

Custom attributes of order positions can now be configured for a custom presentation.

Enhancements in Setup and Operation

The application server was updated to WildFly 16.


A new REST-API to search for transmissions is available.
A set of specifications of the REST-interfaces was migrated to OpenAPI 3 specification.
A set of specifications of the REST-interfaces is now available with the delivery.

Release 2.12

Enhancements of the User Interface OMT

Custom Order Detail Tabs
Minor Changes in User Profile Page

Enhancements in Setup and Operation

New Clustering Mechanism for Distributed IOM Installations
Central Mount Point for Shared File System
Added Support for PostgreSQL 11
Ansible4IOM 1.2 Supports IOM 2.12
Watchdog-Less Installation of Single Server Installation of IOM

Expandability of Enumerations

Release 2.11

Enhancements of the User Interface OMT

Custom Menu Entries
Configuration of User Session Duration
Configuration of Default Value of Maximum Return Quantity

Enhancements in Setup and Operation

Configuration of Deployment Timeout
Behaviour of Wildfly in Case of OutOfMemoryError
Recovery of Jobs After Server Start

Enhancements to the IOM REST Communication API

REST API for Dispatch and Return
REST API for Order Response

Ease Access to Properties of Orders, Dispatches, and more in Mail Templates

Release 2.9.1 - 2.9.4

Improved Stability of Health Check for High Load
RMA Search Extensions
REST API for RMA Acceptance/Rejection
Configuration of aggregated Invoices for B2B-customers
Enhanced REST Interface for Return Messages

Release 2.9

GDPR Compliance
Enhanced Business Features
Interface Enhancements
Several smaller Improvements