Omnichannel commerce: maximum reach

From web shops to online marketplaces to retail stores: Intershop gives you seamless commerce across all channels and touchpoints.

Integrate touchpoints

Grow your business across all touchpoints

From smartphone and desktop to retail store: your customers want to see products, services, and pricing that are relevant for them, and they also expect a consistent experience across all channels—not just in retail.

Reduce your overheads

Turn your suppliers into distribution centers

With Intershop’s cross-channel order management system (OMS), you can use retail stores, suppliers, and partners as distribution centers for your products and services.

Increase your sales

Ship from anywhere to everywhere

Intershop’s order-routing rules define the best strategy to process and deliver orders based on economic criteria, available inventory, and specific customer requests.

Omnichannel commerce—more than a shop system

Your customers expect a seamless brand experience across all your online and offline channels—including third-party marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. With Intershop, you can provide that experience throughout all touchpoints and markets, e.g., by creating a single global inventory and intelligently orchestrating your order processes. Not only do you cut costs, you also add more value.

Choose Intershop omnichannel commerce:

Give your customers and staff a complete overview of inventory and availability across all channels—for all your locations and always in real time.

Orchestrate all processes over the entire lifecycle of an order, while accommodating your company’s specific process structures.

Optimize your process costs using intelligent order processes and fulfill every order exactly in accordance with your customer’s requirements.

Process payments efficiently using modular invoice-to-cash functionality for partially or fully automated approval, payment, and billing processes.

Process returns quickly and effectively with end-to-end returns processes and efficient interaction between all parties and systems involved in the return process.

Intershop order management system

The key to successful omnichannel commerce: intelligent orchestration of your order processes.

Growing with Intershop

Intershop’s e-commerce platform enables Mister Spex to roll out new features, channels, and local stores without any interruption in service.

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We work together with a number of partners in this respect, with Intershop handling the commerce platform and the OMS. We made a deliberate choice to have the same supplier deal with both of them, as the online shop is our face while the OMS is our brain.

Peter Szabados

Global Head of Digital Manufacturing and Logistics at Panalpina