From retailer to omni-channel player

Successful retailers are now blurring the boundaries between their web shop and brick-and-mortar presence. In doing so, they face the challenge of seamlessly linking their in-store systems with their online channels. 

Merging point of sale and online store

Integrate your digital shopping experience with your retail stores

Enrich the offline experience with in-store tablets and apps, send push notifications when products are in stock, and let customers configure products using VR tools. Intershop’s Commerce API bridges the gap between your online and offline worlds.

Spoil them with choice

Configuration is easy with Intershop e-commerce

Customers are in the habit of configuring products online and expect the same flexibility in-store. Intershop supports multiple product variants as well as cross-selling and up-selling options.

Customer Service 2.0

Follow the customer journey across all channels

With Intershop, your store staff can really understand exactly what your customers want. They can view search histories and request an item from the warehouse, order it for pick-up, or send it direct to the customer’s home.

Digital retail — that’s as individual as your customers

Today’s retail customers expect a cross-channel experience that is always personalized and relevant.

With Intershop, you can meet those expectations thanks to our multi-application framework. You can manage product data, catalogs, and web content centrally and share that data across all your channels, e.g., country-specific stores, brand shops, and partners. The result: consistent information across all touchpoints—from online shops and mobile apps to brick-and-mortar stores.  

Intershop supports your cross-channel retail network:

Multi-shop and multi-client capability: use a single, centralized data source—no matter how many regions, markets, or touchpoints you integrate.

Intershop lets you control all touchpoints through a single back office—from offline stores, web shops, and mobile apps to voice commerce and the Internet of Things.

Comprehensive localization—including languages, time zones, currencies, and tax rates.

Customer account with order history and details, addresses, payment options, wish lists, notifications, and gift vouchers.

Connect customer accounts to every touchpoint via REST API as well as to CRM and other systems.

Use the Intershop order management system (OMS) to provide cross-channel order processes as part of a seamless omni-channel customer experience.

  Our plans to grow the business internationally meant we had to switch from our in-house store solution to a platform that would meet our complex technical needs: stability, scalability, and fast international roll-out. And we’re convinced that Intershop is the best possible partner to help us achieve our ambitious goals.

Dirk Graber


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