A digital customer portal is the next evolution of the B2B online shop

Make B2B buying easy: with personalized offers for your after-sales, self-service options and a unified omnichannel customer experience, all in one place.

digital customer portal: happy customers and faster growth

What are the benefits of a digital customer portal?

With a customer portal solution from Intershop, you can support your discerning B2B customers at every stage of the B2B buyer journey – before, during and after the purchase. This ensures a personalized, service-oriented interaction that strengthens your customer loyalty and boosts your sales. Find out more about the benefits of our B2B customer portal for your online business!

01 Boost your sales

A digital customer portal lets you collect valuable customer data, such as purchase history, to create personalized, timely offers and drive sales. Customize cross-selling and up-selling, introducing existing customers to new products and services like consumables, services, and add-on insurance.

02 Increase customer satisfaction and retention

The ability to personalize information, i.e., provide the right information to the right customer at precisely the right time, will make the jobs of B2B buyers easier. It will boost customer satisfaction and retention.

03 Cut your costs

A digital customer portal streamlines B2B operations, cutting costs by automating routine tasks like order processing, document handling, and data retrieval. This not only reduces errors but also allows sales and service staff to focus on value-added tasks, ultimately lowering the cost per customer interaction.

04 Innovate your business

Leverage smart insights and develop new digital service offerings such as pay-per-use, product subscriptions, or predictive maintenance based on product and customer intelligence. Position them right next to your customers’ installed base in your digital customer portal.

The four pillars of Intershop’s digital customer portal solution

B2B self-services
Empower B2B buyers by providing self-service capabilities in your customer portal, allowing them to independently manage data, products, service agreements, workflows, and cost center budgets. Offer 24/7 access for streamlined administrative tasks, including easy reordering, quote creation, and access to e-learning content. This enhances customer autonomy while optimizing their internal processes.

After-sales services
A digital customer portal can significantly boost after-sales efforts by enhancing communication, support, processes, and customer engagement. It contains up-to-date customer data, buying history and information relevant to the machines or products in use. This data can be used to create personalized and perfectly timed offers for replacement, additional purchases, spare parts, consumables and even anticipate upcoming needs. This minimizes unplanned downtimes and prevents out-of-stock situation.

Digital sales processes
A digital customer portal frees up time for sales staff to focus on nurturing their new accounts, as they are no longer required to spend time manually processing orders or checking order statuses. This shift allows the sales force to adopt a more solution-oriented, data-driven, and consultative approach. By streamlining digital sales processes, both sales and support staff can provide more personalized service to customers. Consequently, this not only leads to increased sales and cost savings but also helps prevent recurring tasks and mistakes.

Digital service models
As products become increasingly digitized within the Internet of Things, they are capable of collecting data, providing insights into product usage and customer behavior. Manufacturers or wholesalers can leverage this data to identify specific customer needs and develop tailored digital services, such as automated reordering through smart shelves or pay-per-use models. These digitized products, often referred to as the 'installed base,' can be registered in a digital customer portal and seamlessly linked to these digital services.

Success comes from executing the right strategy – get inspired!

Many of our B2B customers use a digital customer portal to optimize customer interaction and grow a profitable after-sales business. Read our customer success stories to learn more!

“Intershop helped us master the digital challenge of customized portals.”

Visual Rainer Schüssler
Rainer Schüssler Head of Corporate Marketing Operations at TRUMPF

“Our new Lindelink portal adds to the quality of the relationship between KION North America and our dealer network and fosters closer customer relationships.”

Chris Thomas Aftermarket Development Manager, KION North America

“E-commerce also supports the sales department to save time because customers can find information themselves in the self-service portal.”

Tjibbe van Doorn E-Commerce Manager at Heutink

“Our aim was a customer portal tailored to the needs of our specialist partners, which helps to quickly understand our specialized product range so that one can easily order there.”

Visual: Inge Rapold
Inge Rappold Head of Marketing Communications at elero

“Our goal is a personalized digital customer portal as the central hub for our sales and service processes. Here, all offers are to be bundled centrally and enriched with information, digital self-services and expert tips.”

IT Director at Teka
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