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Intershop platform for B2B e-commerce—seamless integration with your business processes


Commerce platform for complex B2B organizations

Purchasing departments encompass multiple roles, budgets, and cost centers. Buyers are tasked with negotiating special terms with vendors or need to request quotations and obtain approval for orders.


From fax machine to digital transformation of B2B

Integrate personalized product catalogs and pricing conditions directly into your customers’ IT systems via OCI—and enable direct ordering via CSV upload and order templates.


Tailoring your offer for each B2B customer

Personalize your online offering, sales conditions, and product lines for each individual customer—or even each business unit, department, or employee—while providing support at any time through your sales team.

The subtle difference in B2B commerce

B2B involves a wide range of roles, rights, and hierarchies—for example, in the wholesale or manufacturing sectors. But few understand the complex interplay within a purchasing organization or the actual needs of customers, e.g., when it comes to pricing, purchasing decisions, and billing. Hence the importance of value-adding features, such as direct ordering or convenient order templates for frequently purchased products. These are essential for smooth day-to-day transactions. For even greater convenience, you can integrate your catalogs and pricing directly into your customers’ systems.

Intershop is the ideal platform for B2B commerce:

Create custom e-procurement processes that enable your B2B customers to manage their account profiles, budgets, cost centers, and approvals—right down to the department level.

Give your B2B customers an online channel where they can request and negotiate pricing and conditions directly within the system.

Personalize your business customer experience with tailored product recommendations and price lists, plus special offers, master agreements, and discounts.

Give each customer a dedicated profile with their user, account, and contract details as well as an overview of orders, approvals, invoices, and budget management.

Get a platform that supports hundreds of thousands of products, thousands of price lists, and orders comprising hundreds of items—Intershop delivers the performance you need.

Replatforming in E-Commerce

A practical guide to moving through your replatforming project.

The smart washroom

The leading international provider of professional textile services and washroom hygiene offers its business customers a convenient online shop with service portal and has also been relying on the Internet of Things since it's relaunch.

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Intershop has a solid vision for the future of B2B buying and selling, and its ability to support that vision is even more impressive.

The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Suites, Q3 2018

Your industry — our e-commerce platform

Whether you’re an international wholesaler or a manufacturing SME, Intershop gives you powerful and proven B2B commerce that’s both ready to deploy and highly flexible.