Outperform your competition with e-commerce for B2B

Support the success of B2B buyers and their partners
with sales support at every step of their journey,
on every digital and traditional sales channel.

Intershop is the right solution for b2b e-commerce

Unlock new business potential with
B2B commerce

Today’s business buyers need to find the right products, services, and spare parts - fast! They also want a convenient shopping process that exceeds their expectations. Intershop's B2B Commerce Platform addresses all these needs and more, allowing you to:

Increase customer value

Offer additional products to your customers based on their specific needs, agreements, and pricing to increase the overall share of wallet.

Screenshot: Increase customer value
Screenshot: Reduce costs per customer

Reduce costs per customer

Use self-service options to streamline communications, save time and money, and shift your sales team’s focus from taking orders to building relationships.

Drive your B2B commerce sales

Help potential global buyers discover your products and turn them into repeat customers. Ideal for even the most complex products, via direct sales, partners or marketplaces.

Screenshot: Get more new cutomers
visual Sell to new markets

Enter new markets

Take advantage of unlimited international expansion opportunities to reach new markets your dealers haven’t tapped.

Discover why the world's leading B2B companies choose Intershop's e-commerce platform

With 300+ B2B customers worldwide, Intershop has the know-how and experience to help you digitally transform and optimize your business. Our cloud-based e-commerce platform is a proven, future-ready foundation for companies who want to reach their full potential.

Intershop is "Built to boost". Are you ready to exceed your customers' expectations?

Reduce time to market

B2B commerce can be far more complex and volatile than B2C. Our wide range of out-of-the-box B2B functionality gives you the flexibility to respond to changing markets and new opportunities.

Rich features

Experience the power of a complete B2B commerce platform with rich functionality that allows you to create a personalized customer experience. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Serves multiple business models and organizational structures.
  • Supports hundreds of thousands of products, orders, order lines & custom price lists.
  • Turn visitors into buyers with high-end, consumer-like customer experience.
  • Boost retention with customer portals that support the full customer life cycle.
  • Extend brand(s) consistently across traditional and digital channels, anywhere in the world
  • Supports your field sales on-site with time-saving workforce apps.
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B2B e-commerce for wholesalers and manufacturers

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