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work together on your success

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Intershop supports your implementation

Our experts are at hand to provide advice and support to help you increase the success of your commerce business. What goals do you want to achieve with your Intershop platform? What business successes do you want to measure in the short and long term? Tell us your e-commerce KPIs so that we can quickly identify and close any gaps. 

  • Keep an eye on your customers' needs
    What do your customers want to buy online and what information do they need? What user experience do they expect? What up-sell and cross-sell offers do you want to make?  Let’s find answers to these questions to define clear user stories for your implementation.

  • The perfect e-commerce team
    Do you have a designated e-commerce manager? We are the rock-steady partner on your side. Together with our experienced team members, the implementation of your new online shop will succeed quickly and precisely. 

  • Communication is important!
    Make sure that not only your management, but also your sales team and all other departments in your company learn about your new commerce platform. Change management is a key success factor when implementing an e-commerce solution.

  • Focus on the essentials!
    With an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) you go live in a few weeks with a feature set that meets initial requirements. After that, listen to your customers’ feedback and invest your revenue in continuous optimization.

  • Prepare your data and information for the new customer portal!
    From relevant product information to real time status of your stock- the success of your online shop depends on the quality of information. Intershop's commerce platform integrates seamlessly with ERP, PIM and OMS systems during implementation. 

  • Count on our expertise!
    Who, if not us, knows the Intershop platform and its possibilities best? Be sure that we will provide the best solution for you! We live and breathe e-commerce, because we were one of the first on the market and have successfully brought multiple projects live since then! You can rely on us.
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Intershop implementation by a business partner

We are not the only ones who know how to best use our software optimally. Our long-standing and global network of partners will also be happy to advise and support you in implementing your digital strategy!  

Launching the online shop without business interruption: go-live support.

Our experts know all the best practices and support you in getting all systems perfectly aligned before go-live. If there is still room for improvement, we will be happy to implement it for you. 

This is what you can expect from Intershop's go-live support:

  • Thorough testing of all technical configurations and connections. 
    Your repository in the Azure cloud contains all the necessary data and settings. Before the go-live of your new online shop, all affected instances will be checked. 

  • Verification of required user roles 
    B2B companies have complex purchasing committees, each with different levels of authorization. We work with you to determine the exact roles your organization needs. 

  • Check of all security precautions 
    We keep track on all security protocols so that your new system can start safely. 

Project management

Whether waterfall or agile: We take care of your projects when rolling out shops in new countries or introducing new product catalogs.This makes the roll-out of a new country store or the introduction of new product catalogs easy, because you can focus on what makes your customers happier - we take care of the rest.

In agile projects, change is essential. We react proactively to changing requirements while always keeping the long-term goal in sight. Addressing the needs of your customers in a targeted manner is the key driver in every sprint.

Some projects are easier to implement with the waterfall approach where clearly defined project steps usually run consecutively and can be planned in the long run. This model is suitable for projects in which requirements and processes can be described as early and clearly and directly as possible and therefore planned in the long run.

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We would be happy to support you in realizing leverage the full potential of your Intershop Commerce platform. With the right services, you'll be ready for success even faster.

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