Intershop's Full-Service Commerce

Build your digital business without substantial investment by letting Intershop manage your marketing, e-commerce, and service processes as well as your IT infrastructure—and watch your online business boom.


  • Our performance-linked pricing model guarantees low initial investment and predictable project costs.
  • We respond to your needs: outsource all your processes or just a selection.
  • Our IT experts manage your infrastructure, providing maximum scalability, security, and availability across your digital channels.
  • Your digital business will run on our advanced commerce platform, enabling personalized interaction and smooth transactions with your customers.


Full-Service Commerce

A full range of services for quick and easy start-up followed by complete management of your e-commerce platform.

ONLINE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: Our online business managers plan, implement, and administer your digital channels, using online marketing tools to continuously improve your online store and optimize your selling costs. We take full responsibility for the success and performance of your online presence.

CUSTOMER SERVICE:  We can also provide a service center to handle customer inquiries by phone, email, text, and on social media. Our staff is trained to the highest standards in customer interaction.

LOGISTICS UND FULFILLMENT: You can also rely on Intershop and our global partners for all your logistics and fulfillment needs.

Cloud Services and Operations

Our cloud services range from designing your cloud environment and migrating your commerce processes through to operating your commerce application and managing your cloud infrastructure.

DESIGN: We start by identifying the technical prerequisites for migrating your traditional on-premises infrastructures to cloud or hybrid solutions.

MIGRATION: Our cloud experts implement your new cloud infrastructure and manage the cloud hosting phase. Your existing IT environments are migrated and adapted as required.

OPERATION: We handle operation, security, and continuous updating of your flexible Intershop commerce application and scalable infrastructure in the Microsoft Azure cloud. So you can focus on your core business.

The ability to scale globally is a major priority for our company. The internationalization options and subscription functionality in Intershop Commerce Management B2X are a perfect fit with our business and marketing strategy.

Peyman Pakzad

Senior Digital Manager International at BRITA

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Vice President Sales DACH