From local shops to a global
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Deliver a familiar experience that reflects
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cross border commerce worldwide
cross border commerce worldwide

What are the benefits of global e-commerce by Intershop?

In a world driven by global trade, some of your most exciting opportunities might be in new regions. It can be challenging to launch your brand and connect with customers in new countries, but when you do, the growth potential is limitless! Intershop makes it easy to quickly and efficiently adapt your online stores to local markets with global e-commerce.

01 Launch stores & products fast

Quickly roll out new online stores customized for new countries, regions, brands, and customer segments.

02 Provide relevant information

Take your business beyond borders with detailed product information tailored to local needs.

03 Manage channels efficiently

Get a complete view of all your channels and touchpoints to build a consistent global brand.

04 Optimize search results

Ensure your products are easy to find and buy in all your markets with localized content, meta tags, URLs and more.

Master the challenges of selling globally – with the Intershop Commerce Platform

With a huge range of integrated features and templates, Intershop makes it easy for business users to manage your entire international commerce experience. Quickly set up multiple online stores and touchpoints from one central location, then customize the content, catalogs, and services for each region. You can also assign different permissions and regions to individual users to meet the different responsibilities and authorities within your organization.

Multi-touchpoint management

Multi-touchpoint management makes it easy to create, launch, and manage a variety of touchpoints and sales channels.

Low configuration effort

Low configuration effort with the ability to import essential details such as price lists, product descriptions, and images.

Individual rights management

Individual rights management gives users different permissions and responsibilities in specific regions.

Product information management

Product information management lets you customize your product content and catalogs by region for a short time-to-market and rapid roll-out of international stores.

Experience management

Experience management enables browsing and managing the online business from an end-user’s perspective to create a region-specific brand and customer experience.

APIs and prebuilt integrations

A wide range of APIs and prebuilt integrations connects the Intershop Commerce Platform with your other key systems.

Thomas Riebe

“Our requirements were high. The Intershop Commerce Platform convinced us with a variety of standard functions as well as a high degree of scalability.”

Thomas Riebe Head of Digital Commerce Solutions at Häfele

What is a global e-commerce solution?

Running a global e-commerce business can be a daunting task. The Intershop global e-commerce platform enables you to surpass the challenges of selling to local markets, blending your international e-commerce expertise with local market knowledge to yield maximum results.

Our global e-commerce solution allows your core e-commerce and regional teams to collaborate efficiently and effectively, offering them four superpowers:

Multi-touchpoint management
Create a globally coordinated experience for market-specific B2B or B2C stores with relevant local data and catalogs.

Unlimited stores
Set up and manage multiple touchpoints, regional channels, and brand stores from one central location - no matter how many countries and markets you’re selling in.

Low-effort configuration
Import price lists, product descriptions, and pictures. Localize your payment and shipping options, including freight classes and other essential details.

Individual rights management
Assign users to specific regions and grant individual rights and permissions, allowing business users to  configure regional settings, such as time zones and default metrics.

How to improve your global e-commerce strategy

Be aware of different needs

The perfect global e-commerce strategy serves different customer needs in every region you operate in. Apart from that, business growth and increased online sales will greatly depend on your commerce platform, which should complement your e-commerce strategy.

Centralize your global e-commerce

Keeping the costs down is obviously a very effective way to improve your global e-commerce initiative. Operating different e-commerce solutions in different countries, however, takes a lot of effort, money, time, and expertise. Leading B2B firms opt for a centralized approach which enables them to balance their global e-commerce strategy and regional needs.

Research is key in global trade

Demand for your products and services may differ in each market. This is partly due to the level of awareness of your brand, and partly to the size and maturity of your partner network and country sales organization. So, before you launch a global trade in a new country, create a localized marketing plan and determine which global e-commerce strategies will work best to support future growth.

Intergrate all your network in your global e-commerce platform

When developing your global commerce strategy, it's important to understand the country-specific business models and supply chains. We recommend to choose a commerce platform that is flexible enough to support all business models, such as direct sales, direct-to-consumer, online sales, indirect sales via wholesalers and business partners, marketplaces, etc.

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