The best of both worlds

Intershop Commerce Suite is an open commerce platform that simultaneously offers all the benefits of a complete solution with extensive core functionality. Intershop makes it easy to reconfigure or expand the core functionality to match your changing business needs—because we know that every organization is constantly evolving.

As a result, you not only have the freedom to connect all the special technologies you need, you also avoid becoming dependent on—and constrained by—a single technology provider. With its comprehensive integration options, Intershop Commerce Suite is easy to incorporate into any IT system landscape.

Integrated Systems, Consistent Customer Interaction

Intershop Commerce Suite is the ideal basis for a customer engagement platform, serving as an aggregation layer between the various back-end services and customer touchpoints. It enables simple, standardized, and consistent interaction with customers — who in turn are shielded from the complexity of internal business processes and systems.

Synaptic Commerce® API: Intershop offers a wide range of state-of-the-art and popular integration options (API Commerce). Individual services can be selected “à la carte” and loosely coupled in conjunction with a dedicated microservices architecture and other SaaS products.

Standardized integrations: A typical IT landscape includes systems, such as CRM, ERP, CMS, payment services, address verification, personalization services, marketing automation, and many more. Integration is exceptionally easy thanks to standard interfaces and ready-made plugins.

Innovative touchpoints: From IoT to mixed reality and conversational commerce—our advanced open architecture supports current and future technologies, allowing easy redesign of business processes at any time.

Fast, Scalable, Reliable

Intershop Commerce Suite offers excellent performance and availability. By combining microservices and application services as a loosely coupled architecture, we have optimized our Commerce Suite for deployment and scalability in the cloud. This ensures the best possible customer experience on any type of device.

Scalability: Intershop allows scaling through horizontal duplication, functional decomposition, and data partitioning. The loosely coupled architecture makes it possible to scale application services, microservices, storefront services, and the Solr cluster separately. The result is a system that works flawlessly even under peak load. 

High availability: Using symmetric high-availability nodes ensures that all requests can be answered as long as at least one node is available. Service registration and service discovery for failover handling are already integrated as standard.

Cloud deployment: Intershop operates best in the cloud. By leveraging familiar cloud benefits, such as fast setup, automated scaling, and pay-as-you-go pricing, you can achieve greater agility for your business. Based on Microsoft Azure, Intershop is available completely or partially as a PaaS, SaaS, or full-service solution.

Robust Development Platform for Agility, Speed, and Innovation

To stand out from the crowd, you need features that create real differentiation. For that reason, Intershop is not just a standard product — it’s also a framework that boosts developer productivity.

The latest software development paradigms: From domain-driven design, microservices, and API-first to REST-based storefront, Intershop develops software based on the latest research and best practice and makes this knowledge usable for customers.

Popular and widely used open source technologies: When working with Intershop, developers can draw on their existing knowledge of standard technologies, such as Java or Angular, or combine microservices and apps using any programming language. 

Continuous delivery: A robust development process is key to a successful project. Intershop uses a clean CI/CD build process based on Gradle that incorporates every phase of software development.

Hardened Architecture

Years of experience, dedicated security experts, and professional incident management combined with a security-optimized architecture all add up to optimal protection for your data and systems.

Protection against the top 10 security threats: All application security risks (OWASP Top 10) are fully addressed and countermeasures are built in to the standard product. Regular penetration tests ensure effective protection.

GDPR-compliant: Intershop Commerce Suite meets the requirements of the GDPR directive, ensuring complete legal conformity of Intershop-based commerce solutions.

Comprehensive role and rights management: Controlling user access within the organizational structure ensures effective protection for sensitive data. The auditing functionality also makes it possible to track all changes to business objects.

Our plans to grow the business internationally meant we had to switch from our in-house store solution to a platform that would meet our complex technical needs: stability, scalability, and fast international roll-out. Intershop 7 is 100% what we were looking for—and we’re convinced that Intershop is the best possible partner to help us achieve our ambitious goals.

Dirk Graber

CEO, Mister Spex GmbH
Partner und Ergänzende Produkte

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