Take your e-commerce global

To grow your online business around the world, you need to localize your product and catalog data and manage multiple languages, tax rates, and payment options.


Global e-commerce in a single solution

Intershop lets you set up and manage multiple touchpoints and regional channels, e.g., brand stores, from a central location—no matter how many countries you operate in.


Deploy data and services worldwide

Share your master catalogs, product information, and services with your regional subsidiaries and local stores around the world—all from a single platform.


International e-commerce—in detail

Import price lists, product descriptions, and pictures. Localize your shipping and payment options, shipping methods and rules as well as freight classes and payment services.

Your global e-commerce activities—all in one place

Get a detailed overview of your global organization and manage departments and users centrally across multiple regions with Intershop commerce management. You can also assign users to individual departments and grant rights and permissions. Within each channel, business users can configure regional settings, such as time zones and default metrics (e.g., clothing sizes). It is also possible to set the standard language and currency centrally for your entire organization.

Take your e-commerce global with Intershop:

Add new regions, countries, brand stores, touchpoints, and customer segments quickly and easily—without costly in-house development.

Create a globally coordinated customer experience using multi-touchpoint management for market-specific B2B or B2C stores with discrete data and catalogs.

Manage localized text content in multiple languages and adapt title tags, meta tags, and URLs for localized SEO.

Integrate and manage currencies, tax rates, time zones, shipping methods, and payment providers for each individual market.

Use the Intershop Commerce API to integrate quickly and easily with third-party systems and services—localized, customized, and market-specific.

Internationalization and localization

Go global with Intershop’s commerce platform.

Pure genius

As the Brita online store so elegantly demonstrates, Intershop works seamlessly with third-party content management systems.

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The ability to scale globally is a major priority for our company. The internationalization options and subscription functionality in Intershop Commerce Management B2X are a perfect fit with our business and marketing strategy.

Peyman Pakzad

Senior Digital Manager International at BRITA