Create innovative customer experiences with headless commerce

Provide your customers with a frictionless, personalized experience no matter where or how they shop. Headless commerce lets you flexibly adapt to their changing needs.

innovative customer experiences with headless commerce

The benefits of Headless Commerce

B2B companies, too, need to offer the best possible buying experience on every channel. Headless Commerce makes this possible, while also improving the speed and flexibility of your commerce website by decoupling the user interface from the backend. Be where your customers are, whether on smartphone, desktop PC, machine screen or voice assistant.

01 Faster time-to-market

Optimize websites and implement new strategies in just a few days. Experiment, increase your agility and scale more efficiently.

02 High performance

Benefit from improved conversion, as data is directed straight to the frontend via the respective API - for better overall performance.

03 Truly omnichannel experience

Add touchpoints and publish content anywhere and everywhere. Start selling through voice commerce, progressive web apps, and even machines with screens.

04 Flexibility and speed

Headless commerce allows you to quickly create online stores and make updates without affecting the backend.

Intershop is the ideal solution for Headless Commerce in B2B

Do B2B companies need Headless Commerce? We say: Yes! Connect our powerful commerce platform to any front end via standard API - for maximum customer focus and increased revenue. That sounds like a lot of development effort? No, because our composable commerce approach delivers all the building blocks out of the box.

API-based architecture
Every functionality is exposed through REST APIs so they can be used by any touchpoint.

We call that Composable Commerce.

B2B-specific APIs
Access 100+ APIs for B2B-focused features, plus integrated APIs for content management, customer engagement, order management, business intelligence and more.

We don’t just provide the APIs (headless) -- we also offer a Progressive Web App (PWA; the “head”).

Use GraphQL to easily aggregate data from multiple sources.

Buy and build
The Intershop Commerce Platform gives you all the frontend (PWA) and backend capabilities you need to set up and operate complete solutions.

Access new innovations
Use Intershop APIs to introduce innovative functionality and new business models, from integrations with Alexa and HoloLens to machine-as-a-service.

3 reasons why you should opt for headless commerce

Intershop headless commerce platform enables you to provide different frontends or user interfaces for different commerce channels, because they are separated from its logic. You can have all your robust business processes from a web application, a mobile app or PWA, a terminal on a machine or via voice control. Imagine your device enabling you to buy consumables directly via a touch screen!

Intershop Headless commerce is fast because you can make sure that data only flows where it is needed. To provide a great digital experience in your online shop, you will have other tools in addition to an e-commerce engine: CRM, documentation management, ticket management systems, CPQ, IoT Monitoring....

A separated “head” will receive all necessary information directly from each source. This ensures that each backend system remains lean and fast. For example, a customer educating themself on a product detail page will receive the images from a DAM server, product information from the PIM, configuration from the CPQ and only the actual transaction is done by the e-commerce.

Interhop Headless commerce also allows you to hire better talent, for you need UX and graphic designers to create teasing user interfaces and backend developers that can focus on your business processes. This way, you can iterate, experiment, fail fast, learn fast and benefit from shorter release cycles.

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The Intershop Commerce Platform is the ideal solution for headless commerce in B2B. Contact us today and benefit from countless advantages!

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