Support customers at every point of their interactions with a Customer Engagement Center

Empower your service teams with Intershops Customer Engagement Center and provide personal support throughout
the buying process.

customer engagement center strengthens the customer journey
Increase satisfaction and sales with a customer engagement center

Personal engagement that increases satisfaction and sales!

Everyone could use a little help sometimes - especially with more complex transactions. Connect with your customers, help them find what they need, and increase the value of every order with the Intershop Customer Engagement Center (CEC).

01 Get a 360° view

Know exactly what your customers need to optimize their experience, using a single application.

02 Improve conversion rates

Assist your customers at any step in their journey and guide them through the entire buying process.

03 Boost order values

Real-time interactions help customers find additional products, services, or accessories.

04 Reduce costs

Increase efficiency and cut average handle time (AHT) for major cost savings and more satisfied customers.

Give your service team superpowers

Use Intershop Customer Engagement Center (CEC) to empower your customer service team to exceed customer expectations and give every shopper personal advice and support.

Best-in-class storefronts
To help B2B and B2C customers find exactly what they’re looking for - on any device.

Personalized coupons
Offer order assistance and personalized coupons in case anything goes wrong.

Co-browsing capabilities
Shop side-by-side with your customers to lead them to the right products and easily complete their orders.

Multichannel communication
Interact with customers on their preferred channels and easily pick up the conversation wherever you left off.

Individual approach
Follow the complete shopping process for each and every customer to pinpoint where they might need help.

Modern interface
Focus on your customers and their concerns - not the tool itself!

To increase sales, put your customers in the spotlight

If you want your business to stand out from the rest, you've got to put your customers first! Discover what Intershop's Customer Success Manager has to say about the importance of a customer-centric approach.

"A buyer who can't find what they need will seek out one of your competitors."

Gerrit Enthoven Director Sales EMEA
Empower your customer service and intensify business relationships with a customer engagement center
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