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Order management is a complex process! Connect your
warehouses, suppliers, distributors, and more to meet all your customer needs and improve your overall efficiency.

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Improve your fulfillment processes with our order management system

Intershop Order Management brings together all your ordering and supply chain information and processes to create a single source of information for your employees, and a better experience for your customers. Automating your fulfillment processes allows for smart yet efficient order processing that can reduce costs and cut CO2 emissions.

01 Improve fulfillment efficiency

Reduce your fulfillment costs by 10-15% with intelligent order routing.

02 Advance sustainability efforts

Ensure an optimized and eco-friendly delivery process that reduces emissions and improves your carbon footprint.

03 Integrate business partners

Seamlessly integrate suppliers, distributors or marketplaces - no matter what your supply chain looks like.

04 Provide transparent order information

Empower your team and customers with real-time insights into order status, returns, order history, invoices and more.

Transparency and convenience – for you and your customers

Looking for a better way to manage complicated ordering processes? Want a solution that works just as well for a small order or 5,000 parts? Sick of sending rescheduled deliveries and chasing payments? Intershop Order Management takes the hassle out of all your ordering and fulfillment challenges. Discover how smart order management can streamline your business operations.

Centralized real-time inventory management
See what products are available where and redirect orders accordingly.

Detailed order tracking
Access to order, payment, and shipping details for individual orders.

Payment & billing management
Automated approval, payment, and credit processes for all your customers, plus easy integration with different payment services.

Quick returns
Automated interaction between all the platforms and parties involved in the return process.

Intelligent order orchestration
Adapts order processing and delivery based on different channel or strategy requirements.

Customer history
Review past orders and create custom offers.

here are the benefits of a high-performance order management system

Order management: Your key to a seamless omnichannel customer experience

Providing products on a website makes purchase processes easy. But receiving an “out-of-stock" information right after you hit the “buy” button not only ends in customers not returning but starts a chain of processes that will cost you a lot of money.

"A powerful order management system is a game changer for your supply chain. It will smoothen your ordering and fulfilment processes, provide enterprise-wide inventory visibility, optimize your returns management and thus boost customer satisfaction."

Gerrit Enthoven Executive VP Customer Acquisition
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Want to take control of all your ordering processes?

Leading B2B companies rely on Intershop Order Management to streamline their ordering processes and provide a consistent buying experience for their customers. Contact me to learn more!

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