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An online shop for wholesalers enables faster growth, more efficient processes, stable profits, and new sales channels and customer groups.

Intershop e-commerce solution for wholesalers

Offer seamless digital experiences for all your customers with e-commerce for wholesale

Digital commerce plays by different rules, and price, product range, and convenience are no longer enough to make you stand out. Protect your revenue and margins with Intershop's e-commerce for wholesale. Provide personalized information and self-service options with online shops that give you an edge on the competition.

Make buying easy

Provide a data-driven 360° view of your customers and create personalized online shops with relevant information and self-service options. Give your customers exactly what they need to make their lives easier! E-commerce for wholesale improves retention and reduces administrative costs.

customer portal for wholesalers gives you data-driven 360° view of your customers
Backend view of a product in the Intershop Product Information Management System

Publish product information and improve online visibility

Use our digital catalogs to make sure your products are easy to find on all your sales channels. List an unlimited number of products, bundles, and spare parts, and share valuable product information to support customer decision-making. Drive visibility across all distribution channels! With digital catalogs, wholesalers can be found online and offer products, bundles and spare parts anywhere: in apps  wholesalers, in their laptop's browser or on mobile. Thanks to perfect product information on every channel, you can generate sales 24x7.

Set up sleek, responsive stores quickly

Launching new brands, targeting extra segments, and onboarding resellers are time-consuming tasks. Wholesalers can instantly set up attractive, responsive online stores to access new opportunities without major coding or development effort.

Screenshot: Set up responsive stores quickly
Screenshot: frictionless experience

Offer every buyer a frictionless experience

Deliver a unique, frictionless customer journey with our sophisticated Experience Management capabilities for wholesale. Whether on-site, online or via mobile, give your buyers a consistent, intuitive brand experience across every customer touchpoint.

Visual Würth Greard Scheffel

“At Würth, there is no such thing as one online shop for everybody.”

Gerard Scheffel Head of E-Commerce at Würth

Discover why Intershop is the ideal
e-commerce platform for wholesale

With 300+ B2B customers worldwide, Intershop has the know-how and experience to help you digitally transform and optimize your wholesale e-commerce business. Our cloud-based e-commerce platform is a proven, future-ready foundation for companies who want to reach their full potential.

The customer with his specific needs is at the center of a digital strategy for wholesale. Intershop offers e-commerce solutions for wholesale that are integrated into all company processes and provide your customers with a personalized shopping experience that is consistent across all touchpoints.

This is how you drive sales: information on products, inventory, delivery or account status that is available at any time and in line with customer needs, combined with user-friendly self-service options and 24/7 after-sales services are just some of the added values that can be provided and which, thanks to Intershop, will deepen your customer loyalty and maintain it in the long term.

Benefits of e-commerce for wholesale

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whitepaper wholesale and the benefits of digitalization

Frequently asked questions about wholesale e-commerce

What is an wholesale e-commerce platform?

Wholesale e-commerce platform is a type of software that is designed specifically to help businesses sell products to other businesses (B2B) through an online store. These platforms typically offer features and functionality that are tailored to the needs of wholesale operations, such as custom pricing, bulk ordering, and integration with inventory management systems.

In contrast to regular e-commerce platforms that are designed for retail sales to individual consumers (B2C), e-commerce platforms for wholesale are built to accommodate the unique requirements of business-to-business transactions, such as negotiated pricing, invoicing, and purchase order management. By using an e-commerce platform for wholesale, businesses can streamline their ordering and fulfillment processes, reduce manual errors and administrative tasks, and gain access to a wider customer base through online channels.

What are the key features of an e-commerce platform for wholesale?
  • Custom pricing: E-commerce platforms for wholesale typically allow you to set up custom pricing and discounts for different customer groups based on factors such as order quantity, frequency of purchase, and customer loyalty.
  • Bulk ordering: Wholesale customers often need to order products in large quantities, so an e-commerce platform for wholesale should allow customers to easily place bulk orders for multiple products.
  • Inventory management: A wholesale business should integrate with their inventory management system to ensure that they have accurate stock levels and can fulfill orders in a timely manner.
  • Integration with shipping carriers: Many e-commerce platforms for wholesale integrate with shipping carriers such as UPS or FedEx to help you manage shipping and tracking information for orders.
  • Purchase order management: An effective order management system should allow customers to place orders and allow you to easily manage and process those orders.
  • Multi-channel selling: Integrating with other sales channels, such as marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, can help you expand your reach and attract new customers.
  • Customer management: E-commerce platforms for wholesale should allow you to manage your customer accounts, including their contact information, order history, and payment information.
  • Analytics and reporting: An e-commerce platform for wholesale should provide you with detailed analytics and reporting tools to help you track sales performance, monitor inventory levels, and make informed business decisions.
  • Payment and billing: E-commerce platforms for wholesale should offer flexible payment and billing options, including payment gateways, invoicing, and credit terms.
  • Customer portal: A digital customer portal allows wholesale customers to access their account information, view order history, track shipments, and manage their account settings, such as payment and shipping preferences. It also allows businesses to share important information with their customers, such as product catalogs, pricing information, and special promotions.
  • Product information management PIM: For wholesale businesses, a PIM system is particularly important as they often need to manage large and complex product catalogs with many variations, such as different sizes, colors, and configurations. By using a PIM system, businesses can streamline the process of creating and updating catalogs, and ensure that customers have access to the most up-to-date product information.
How does wholesale profit from e-commerce?

E-commerce for wholesalers enables a consistent offering across all channels (omnichannel)

  • Wholesalers traditionally have a clear multi-channel strategy, interacting with their customers through catalogs, brick-and-mortar stores, sales reps, phone consultations, and through online offerings.
  • The new generation of B2B customers expects seamless interactions with a company across all channels: Whether they interact with the company directly through a sales representative, over the phone, through their computer, or through a wholesale app, they want the exact same offerings, information, and services. Providing a consistent offering across all channels is not always easy for wholesalers, but it also gives them decisive advantages!

E-commerce for wholesalers enables efficient processes and savings

  • If existing resources can be shared between different channels, there is potential for savings, synergy effects and greater profitability: service staff can be reassigned to focus on individual and consulting-intensive services if simple and repetitive services are provided by the online shop.
  • Distribution costs can be reduced through a cross-channel view of inventories, process costs and throughput times per order can be optimized by shifting to online channels, and media breaks can be avoided at the same time.

More sales through e-commerce for wholesalers

  • More and more wholesalers have recognized the opportunities of e-commerce to increase their sales results, and traditional sales are increasingly shifting towards online sales.
  • Faster purchasing, a wider product range at lower prices and additional costs, combined with comprehensive after-sales services are key reasons why buyers are increasingly preferring the online channel to face-to-face contact.
  • This is precisely where e-commerce solutions for wholesalers come into play: Buyers can conveniently and comprehensively find information about the products or services they need in the online catalog at any time, have an individual quote created for the desired quantity, and independently send off the order.
  • All this is done on their terms - across borders and around the clock. At the same time, the supplier's sales department is relieved of an enormous amount of work and can use the time gained more profitably, for example for individual consultations or for complex and high-priced customer inquiries.

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