Intershop Smart Shelf

The Intershop Smart Shelf combines state-of-the-art sensors with IoT and our commerce solution. The new way of managing inventory is to reorder automatically, based on your personal configuration.

What does the use of a Smart Shelf in
e-commerce mean?

This is how you prevent consumables from running out of stock in your facility: Configure in your smart shelf the minimum stock of consumables you need in a certain period of time. When this value is reached, an automatic request for quotation or an order is triggered from the supplier of your choice. This ensures smooth inventory management processes even when your procurement specialist is on vacation or sick!

What are the advantages of automatic reordering?

For manufacturers, perfect inventory management is first and foremost about ensuring that machines have as little downtime as possible. The more modern the machinery, the more complex the dependencies! If you order all consumables in stock, sometimes large amounts of capital are tied up in the warehouse. This is not necessary if you rely on automatic reordering!

By using a smart shelf, you only have in stock what is really needed until the next delivery - and are freed from human errors, which are more frequent in complex installations and can have serious consequences. Through continuous data collection and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, these subscriptions are constantly optimized and sources of error are eliminated.

Last but not least, you can link new digital services to a smart shelf that will keep your customers happy, generate more revenue, and deepen the business relationship in the long term.

How does a Smart Shelf work?

Each section of the Smart Shelf contains very sensitive, state-of-the-art sensors that immediately register a change in the inventory and send it to a microservice in the Azure cloud. The Intershop Commerce Solution receives this information in real-time thanks to the Smart Shelf technology. Now you can configure mild and critical out-of-stock limits according to your needs and have corresponding alerts issued.

Using smart rules, you can link your suppliers and procurement portals to these changes in your inventory management, so that an automatic quote request is sent. If the configured budget has not yet been reached, a complete order can also be triggered - just as you wish.

If you replenish the Smart Shelf after a delivery has been received, the changes in inventory management are registered immediately and the display in your customer portal changes from red to green. Watch our video to witness how precise this process can be!

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Smart Shelf is the perfect combination of state-of-the-art sensor technology in the Internet of Things and the Intershop Commerce Platform. Get in touch with us and learn about how to revolutionize your inventory management!

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