Digitally connected wholesale

Wholesalers provide value through their extensive product knowledge and high-quality customer service. This expertise is essential in e-commerce—whether you’re in B2B, dropshipping, or a pure player.

After-sales services

24/7 service through digital customer portals

Enable your wholesale customers to perform common post-sale tasks via your digital customer portal—right down to digital machine management.

Performance and product data

Digitize your wholesale expertise

Our highly scalable commerce solution can handle an almost unlimited number of products, product variants, orders, and price lists—with order management optionally included.

Digital service for dealers

Customer portals for your dealership networks

Are your dealers unable to run profitable online stores of their own due to lack of time or budget? With the Intershop platform, you can provide this service quickly and inexpensively.

Product, service, customer—the wholesale shopping experience

The most important task in wholesale e-commerce is personalizing the entire shopping experience, i.e. price lists, special rates, master agreements, discounts, and product recommendations. With Intershop, you can also present product information, services, recommendations, and special offers by sector—all conveniently automated and tailored to each customer. Allowing you to be ready for Industry 4.0.

You can also sell direct to consumers with your own B2C solution—including marketplace integration. And you can even spin off business units to create pure players within your Intershop solution.

Why Intershop is the perfect partner for wholesale

Customize your digital catalogs and product data for all your channels and customer groups. Intershop seamlessly integrates with existing ERP and PIM systems.

Support all your customers’ request, offer, and approval processes and let buyers manage their budgets and cost centers. Intershop also supports OCI.

Easily implement separate product portfolios and target multiple customer groups in different countries. Data is managed centrally and is easy to share with multiple channels and touchpoints.

Give your customers a convenient overview with self-service options, such as current order status, returns management, and detailed payment history. This functionality also frees up your sales staff for other tasks.

Handle extremely high traffic with ease. Intershop supports hundreds of thousands of products, hundreds of order lines, and thousands of custom price lists.

This is how wholesalers excel in digital commerce

From Würth to Raja, from Isero to ShipSupport: leading wholesalers are already benefiting from the digitization of their sales and service processes. Find out more about the key issues and which strategies lead to success

Best practices in wholesale

How a family business masters digitization

Gerard Scheffel, E-Commerce Manager at Würth Netherlands, summarizes: "Everything we offer in our sales channels, but above all in e-business, should make it more pleasant for the customer and not necessarily for us".

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Wholesale 2.0—your future with e-commerce

Whether you sell to other businesses or direct to consumers, you need an e-commerce platform that provides all your customers with a personalized, multi-channel experience.

In this white paper, we explain all you need to know, including:

  • How to digitally connect with your B2B customers
  • How to use customer service portals
  • How to provide a range of payment options
  • How to integrate resources in B2B commerce
  • How to choose the right e-commerce solution

Digitization in Wholesale

How is digital transformation affecting your business model and how can you respond? Learn more in this webinar.