Exceed buyer expectations with e-commerce for wholesale

Publish in-depth product information and
elevate your customer experience to
increase online sales.

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Offer personalized portals for all your customers with e-commerce for wholesale

Digital commerce plays by different rules, and price, product range, and convenience are no longer enough to make you stand out. Protect your revenue and margins with Intershop's e-commerce for wholesale. Provide personalized information and self-service options with customer portals that give you an edge on the competition.

Make your customer’s job easier

Provide a data-driven 360° view of your customers and create personalized portals with relevant documents and self-service options. Give your customers exactly what they need to make their lives easier, improve retention and reduce administrative costs.

Publish product information and improve online visibility

Use our digital catalogs to make sure your products are easy to find on all your sales channels. List an unlimited number of products, bundles, and spare parts, and share valuable product information to support customer decision-making.

Set up sleek, responsive stores quickly

Launching new brands, targeting extra segments, and onboarding resellers are time-consuming tasks. Instantly set up attractive, responsive online stores to access new opportunities without major coding or development effort.

Offer every buyer a frictionless experience

Deliver a unique, frictionless customer journey with our sophisticated Experience Management capabilities. Whether on-site, online or via mobile, give your buyers a consistent, intuitive brand experience across every customer touchpoint.

“At Würth, there is no such thing as one online shop for everybody.”

Gerard Scheffel Head of E-Commerce at Würth

Discover why Intershop is the ideal e-commerce platform for wholesale

With 300+ B2B customers worldwide, Intershop has the know-how and experience to help you digitally transform and optimize your wholesale business. Our cloud-based e-commerce platform is a proven, future-ready foundation for companies who want to reach their full potential.


A successful wholesale business is built on personal relationships. Give your sales team superpowers and help them build lasting connections with a comprehensive e-commerce platform that allows them to personalize the entire shopping experience by customer, reseller, or audience. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Improve customer satisfaction with a high-end, consumer-like experience.
  • Support hundreds of thousands of products, orders, order lines and custom price lists.
  • Provide customized experiences, including individual catalogs, price lists, and discounts.
  • Boost business and reseller loyalty with personalized customer portals.
  • Support buying processes like orders, quotes, and contracts with standard wholesale features.
  • Save time with convenient customer self-service options for common procurement tasks.
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