Strategic and Digital Consulting

Let us shape digital change
– together.

What if...

... you would retain your customers to you more strongly and profitably and reach them more accurately through new channels?
... you would turn your customers into fans through unique user experiences?
... you would empower your employees and promote cross-departmental thinking?
... you would optimize your established structures and processes and gain flexibility?
... you would use your technology more innovatively and achieve a higher scalability?
... you would manifest your strategic orientation and clearly position yourself in the market?
... you would transform your products and create added value?

You're good to go.
We will accompany you.

Our approach

More than just buzzwords

Together we identify your digital potentials and challenges - in order to concretely define your project. We will support you for your successful digital path, e.g. by hands-on workshops. Here you benefit from a holistic and customer-focused consulting approach. Through practical food for thought and optimization possibilities based on best practices, we jointly create a structured roadmap with prioritization of concrete measures.

Wherever you are on your way, when and by what you want to start – we're there to support you.

Consulting Cycle



This phase focuses on the customer lifecycle and the associated interactions with your company. A cross-departmental analysis of this customer journey identifies critical gaps, but also existing strengths. The aim is to understand the customer at every "step" in order to generate an optimal user experience.

Explore Phase in Consulting Cycle

Evaluate & Design

In this phase we will jointly prioritize the strategically necessary measures for the digital islands. For this purpose, we backfill the findings already gained on the customer journey with solution ideas. As a result, you receive optimization possibilities for customer interaction and recommendations for action, on the basis of which the next concrete steps are determined together.

Evaluate & Design Phase in Consulting Cycle


Central to this phase is the implementation of the previously defined measures. The interaction of the necessary systems, the development of the required organizational structure and the optimization of required processes are essential here. The focus is not only on successfully completing the first step, but also on developing the courage to test ideas quickly.

Realization Phase in Consulting Cycle


Success does not come by itself, but through continuous improvement. At this stage, optimization possibilities and recommendations for action from the Evaluate & Design phase are used to define measures to increase success. Together we identify opportunities to enhance the customer experience, whether through marketing campaigns, special services or technical innovations – together we will establish your business.

Growth Phase in Consulting Cycle
Digital Islands

Think strategically – act digitally

It is not the strongest species that survives, not even the most intelligent, but the one that is most willing to change.

Charles Darwin

Changes move markets, products, strategies, business models, processes and entire corporate cultures. The customer and his behavior are always at the center of all activities. Together we develop a holistic digital strategy or dedicate ourselves to individual islands to provide a unique customer experience.

Sales & Marketing as field of action

Sales & Marketing

  • Consideration of the complete customer life cycle
  • extensive analyses of customer needs
  • coordinated digital distribution channels
  • Establishment of long-term customer loyalty
Organization & Employees as a field of action

Organization & Employees

  • Setting up cross-departmental teams
  • Promotion of creativity and idea development
  • Pushing the courage to try out
  • Supporting the change in corporate culture
Workflows & Processes as a field of action

Workflows & Processes

  • Visualization of existing interfaces and data flows
  • Development and optimization of workflows and required digital processes
  • Ensuring technological performance and necessary security
  • Integration of customer processes
Tools & Systems as a field of action

Tools & Systems

  • Analysis of the existing system landscape
  • Definition of a fast start possibility with existing systems
  • Seamless interaction of different customer channels
  • Facilitation through the use of innovative technologies
Business Model as a field of action

Business Model

  • Consideration of the existing business model
  • Review of strategic orientation and market positioning
  • Identification of possible portfolio expansions or adjustments
  • Development of an integrated and comprehensive digital strategy
Product & Services as a field of action

Product & Services

  • Development of objectives on the basis of jointly identified case studies
  • Development of an integrated solution and evaluation of specific measures
  • Creation of a Proof of Concept within a very short time in order to apply and test strategies at an early stage