Help buyers find what they need with rich, reliable product information

B2B shoppers have complex product needs. Intershop Product Information Management makes it easy to find exactly what they're looking for, no matter where they go.

Intershop's Product Information Management makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.
Manage your product information from one central place

Accurate product details on every single touchpoint

In the digital world, product details can make or break a sale, as well as impact returns and customer satisfaction. Today’s customers need accurate descriptions, measurements, images, and videos! If you want to earn their trust, they have to be spread across all touchpoints! Product Information Management lets you tackle all that and more from one comprehensive system while improving consistency, decreasing time to market, and saving tons of time.

01 Create a single source of truth

Manage your product information from one central place to increase efficiency and reduce errors and oversight costs.

02 Make your products pop

Sell more by making sure your products are easy to find in all digital channels and catalogs (even the complex and configurable ones!).

03 Offer a seamless experience

Deliver consistent product information across all relevant digital channels, including marketplaces, catalogs, distributors or resellers.

04 Boost conversion

Reduce cart abandonment and returns by giving your buyers the confidence that they are ordering exactly what they need.

Create, update, and syndicate all your product content

Product information management doesn’t have to be a nightmare! Take control of all your essential product details, increase efficiency, and update the data across all your regions and channels with Intershop Product Information Management.

Unlimited assortment
There’s no limit to the number of products you can manage! In addition to master product information, you can also localize your data.

Quality control
Run automated reviews to ensure all your information is complete before you publish.

Pricing & currency
All the pricing capabilities you could want -- including customer or country-specific prices lists, taxes, limited-time offers, and currency conversions.

Product relationships
Define product relationships to upsell services or accessories… or suggest an alternative if something is out of stock.

Batch processing
Update product details in just a few clicks with batch processing supported by the standard import and export formats.

Product syndication
Distribute the latest product information to different channels, regions, customer groups, catalogs and marketplaces.

Manage structured & unstructured information
From descriptions and images to pricing and availability, you can manage all your crucial product information in a wide range of formats.

“The digital channel is a real game-changer in terms of customer experience. None of our customers have to ask for prices, product specifications or availability on the phone or by e-mail anymore. In the online shop, all information is directly available, which increases transparency and gives our customers full control over their procurement processes. This makes their work easier and saves time!”

Sales Marketing Manager at Teka

What is product information management?

Product data is the key to successful e-commerce. A product information management system enables companies, particularly in sectors such as B2B, wholesale and manufacturing, to efficiently consolidate, centrally manage and target their product information. This ensures consistency across all channels and enables them to provide their customers worldwide with relevant, accurate information tailored to their respective roles, qualifications and tasks. Product information management increases customer satisfaction, conversion rates and ultimately sales.

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