the best b2x ecommerce for all business models

Intershop for B2X ecommerce: one solution for all business models


Complex e-commerce models

From manufacturers to wholesalers, e-commerce organizations often have to implement multiple business models. Intershop caters to both B2B and B2C in a single, integrated solution.


Organization, channel, touchpoint

Intershop lets you manage customer and product data for your entire organization as well as all your channels and touchpoints. National, branded, and dealer stores all draw on the same central database.


Never have to switch your commerce platform

Intershop’s commerce architecture lets you continuously scale by adding new channels and touchpoints without the need for additional development—with hosting in the cloud offering maximum convenience.

Intershop for hybrid business models

Manufacturers can augment their dealer networks by selling direct to consumers through their own e-commerce presence. Companies are increasingly expanding their traditional B2B business and building direct relationships with consumers. There are, however, some fundamental differences in terms of customer engagement and sales model. Operating two separate platforms is both time-consuming and expensive. Accordingly, Intershop combines B2B and B2C in a single integrated solution.

Everything you need in one package – Intershop B2X commerce:

With Intershop’s multi-channel concept, you don’t need separate solutions for your B2B and B2C e-commerce—everything is provided in a single platform.

If you’re a branded manufacturer or wholesaler, Intershop lets you integrate dealer shops as part of your e-commerce system.

You can also market your products directly to consumers through online stores and provide immediate access to information, service documents, manuals, etc., via a dedicated service portal.

From price negotiations in B2B to promotions in B2C, Intershop comes with a wide range of features for both these business models.

Scale in the cloud with Microsoft Azure and Intershop’s application management services, or discover our Commerce-as-a-Service package.

Replatforming in B2X ecommerce – time for something new?

The Intershop Replatforming Guide offers practical advice for your replatforming project.

One Cloud – Two Business Models

Brita serves its B2C and B2B customers using the same Intershop platform—direct from the Microsoft Azure cloud.

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The ability to scale globally is a major priority for our company. The internationalization options and subscription functionality in Intershop Commerce Management B2X are a perfect fit with our business and marketing strategy.

Peyman Pakzad


Intershop – the omni-channel solution for B2B and B2C

Intershop is a powerful e-commerce platform for your hybrid business model with all the features you need for efficient and parallel B2B and B2C commerce. Our modular e-commerce platform is designed for both types of audience and can scale as your business grows.

Our Commerce Management and Order Management modules provide the flexibility required for diverse business models.

Intershop Commerce Management 7.10 and Order Management 2.9