Expand your online presence with online marketplaces and create new opportunities

Buyers of all sizes are turning to marketplaces to purchase
products and services. Connect your commerce platform
to relevant online marketplaces and watch your sales grow.

Expand your online presence with online marketplaces

What are the benefits of selling on digital marketplaces through Intershop?

All kinds of digital marketplaces – from familiar names like Amazon and Alibaba, to highly specialized sites like Mercateo – digitally connect buyers and sellers. Connecting to these established digital commerce channels is a proven way to boost your global revenue.

An online marketplace offers buyers the following advantages:

  • Large selection of products from different sellers
  • Available inventory from multiple suppliers
  • Competitive prices
  • Excellent level of service
  • Fast customer service
  • Easy checkout
  • Inspiration

An online marketplace offers sellers the following advantages:

  • Fast time to market
  • Existing customer base
  • Access to international markets
  • Access to the most important sales channels
01 Find new customers worldwide

Increase your reach and earning potential by adding consumer or business-facing marketplaces to your e-commerce platform.

02 Help buyers discover your products

Easily create specific product assortments per marketplace and enrich your offering with in-depth product and pricing information, plus real-time stock levels – even if you sell thousands of products!

03 Boost profits

Create custom price lists and discounts per channel to ensure your products are competitively priced for each country or marketplace.

04 Provide a seamless customer journey

Ensure smooth processes for you and your buyers. Orders are automatically pushed from online marketplaces to your systems, while shipping and tracking information is quickly sent to your customers.

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“Together with Intershop, we take care that businesses of any size expand their reach, connect with more customers, and grow their business.”

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Discover why Intershop is the ideal
e-commerce platform for connecting to online marketplaces!

Intershop’s technology gives you the ability to easily sell your products on Amazon, Alibaba, and any other major marketplace. We work closely with several digital marketplace integrators to seamlessly connect our e-commerce platform and order management systems with your preferred sales channels.

Here are a few more benefits:

  • Use our standard connectors to sell on the marketplaces you prefer.
  • Offer specific product assortments per marketplace.
  • Set pricing rules per marketplace for products within specific assortments.
  • Push orders automatically into our digital order management system.
  • Use a marketplace integrator to automate catalog feed, pricing, and bid management.

Why are online marketplaces so important?

Gartner says by 2023, organizations that have operated enterprise marketplaces for more than one year will see at least a 10% increase in digital revenue. For sellers and brands, this means they can significantly increase their visibility.

Digital B2B buying habits

Today’s B2B buyers primarily research and purchase online. Marketplaces are becoming more and more important, disrupting traditional (offline) B2B sales processes.

Amazon sets the standard for customer expectations

The “Amazon experience” has set the benchmark for online shopping. As a manufacturer or distributor, you need to deliver the best-in-class experience and service that your customers expect.

Build customer value quickly

Organic search and sponsored product listings are costly. Marketplaces are an excellent way to quickly expand your reach, enter new markets, increase sales without making major investments.

Risk-free product assortment expansion

Give buyers access to a specific catalog and selection of products per marketplace and offer them an excellent, consumer-like shopping experience at the same time.

What does an online marketplace do?

An online marketplace connects different sellers on one website. Buyers can find everything in one place, regardless of the seller. On the online marketplace, prices and products can be conveniently compared. They also provide greater transparency for product availability and inventory levels. In addition, product reviews make up a large part of the decision-making and actual buying process. Finally, online marketplaces are ideal for reaching new target groups.

What does the future of online marketplaces look like?

In the long run, B2B companies will have to ask themselves whether they can do without a connection to online marketplaces at all – or build their own online marketplace. Many B2B companies are already bringing together their supply chain in one central location to provide their customers with a seamless shopping experience, far beyond their own product range. If buyers can find everything they need in your own online marketplace, they don't need to switch channels to keep on buying. This way, you increase loyalty permanently.

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