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Stroller as a Service

Active in more than 50 countries, Bugaboo already had a professional e-commerce solution before migrating to Intershop. Unfortunately, the old platform offered limited options for showcasing this cool brand and its high-end strollers and luggage systems. The Dutch company has now moved to a powerful e-commerce platform based on Intershop.

The new online presence is a seamless blend of website and store. It also includes a product configurator, which allows customers to individually design their own stroller and get it straight into their cart.


  • Create a centrally managed e-commerce platform as a blueprint for more than 50 local web stores.
  • Provide the flexibility to integrate local fulfillment partners, localize product catalogs, and implement targeted, country-specific marketing campaigns.
  • Enable custom integration of Liferay storefront components plus an API-based service layer and custom content management system (CMS).


  • Intershop Commerce Management 7 serves as a central platform that links storefont, CMS, and service layer.
  • The solution is hosted in the cloud for maximum flexibility, availability, and scalability.
  • All payment operations are processed through the Intershop solution.

Other Benefits

  • Better brand recognition for Bugaboo and more sales per visitor thanks to a new and simplified checkout process with intuitive navigation.
  • Product configurator for the perfect stroller: customers can choose their own combination of design, chassis, colors, and accessories.
  • In some countries, customers can buy direct from the new website. In others, it serves as an interactive store window that guides customers to their nearest retailer.

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