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Risk Management Digital with Intershop

In Australia, SAI Global is the largest provider of property information and settlement services to help organizations proactively manage risk to achieve business excellence, growth, sustainability and ultimately, create trust. Its solutions include risk management software, standards and regulatory content, ethics and compliance learning, risk assessments, certification, testing and audits. A new Intershop e-commerce platform was implemented successively in three regions: Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas.


  • A strategy that could integrate multiple service components together
  • An e-commerce platform that could facilitate future cross-sell and subscription management
  • Serve all company portfolios and regions through a global website, with channels for all regions


  • Intershop’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform with managed service support as part of a broader digital commerce strategy that will serve all company portfolios and regions.
  • Digitalization powers easy risk management product search, online purchases, delivery of training and materials
  • Highly scalable solution with extensive internationalization and localization capabilities to meet market-specific requirements

Other Benefits

  • Enhanced corporate brand presence and customer engagement
  • Consolidated and improved e-commerce capabilities
  • Campaigns and promotion modules, complex pricing logic with fall back mechanism as well as SQS/SNS messaging


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Roelof Swiers
Roelof Swiers
Country Manager Benelux