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A clear strategy for a successful digital transformation

Intershop gives Wolters Kluwer more flexibility in all sales channels.

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As a digital transformation pioneer, Wolters Kluwer combines in-depth knowledge with innovative technologies across a range of products and services. These enable customers to achieve better results, more accurate analysis, and greater productivity—all crucial benefits as the decisions these customers make affect millions of people worldwide. Since 2003, Wolters Kluwer has pursued a clearly defined digital strategy - with Intershop as a partner when it comes to e-commerce.

Wolters Kluwer is a leading global provider of information, software, and consultancy services in the fields of health, tax, finance, and law. Its customers include healthcare providers, universities, lawyers, tax and finance experts, auditors, and specialists in risk assessment and compliance.

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year founded


countries with subsidiaries


billion euros revenue in 2019

The challenge
  • Increasing the share of digital products in total revenues
  • Webshops for a variety of countries and languages
  • Omnichannel capability for PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone
The result
  • Two e-commerce shops on a single Intershop platform
  • Fully headless architecture based on REST API
  • Seamless integration with Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM)
  • Dutch/Belgian back end; Belgian/Italian front end
  • Rapid expansion into other markets worldwide
"We have successfully combined two web shops on a single Intershop platform. This will give us maximum flexibility and extremely fast development on future e-commerce implementations across all channels and touchpoints—also in the longer term. The go-live went smoothly, our customers are very positive about the shopping experience, and we are getting even better ratings than we expected!"
Mark Guelen Product Owner E-Commerce Benelux at Wolters Kluwer
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