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Kruitbosch's focus on the entire customer journey is perfectly mapped by Intershop's portal.

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Kruitbosch started out as a local wholesaler for bicycles and accessories before they evolved into an international chain with a partner network that consists of over 2,500 dealers. To get more out of the various sales channels and to enable further growth, Kruitbosch replaced its previous ordering system with an online customer portal. In early 2020, the family-owned company migrated to the latest version of the Intershop Commerce Platform and the Azure SQL Server.

Kruitbosch has developed from a wholesaler for bicycles and accessories to a trading partner for the bicycle trade. The company offers the bicycle brands Cortina, which sells city bikes and e-bikes, and Alpina, a brand for children’s bicycles. Kruitbosch puts the customer at the center of every activity. The passion for bicycles is what unites everyone in the company.

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Kruitbosch has evolved over time into an international chain with a partner network of over 2500 retailers.


million euros turnover

Around half of the turnover of 95 million euros in 2018 was achieved through the sale of accessories and bicycle parts.

0 %

of all orders placed via online portal

The new Kruitbosch portal was launched at the beginning of 2018 and by the end of the year almost 90 percent of all orders had been placed via this new portal.

The challenge
  • Replace the previous ordering system by an online portal for better collaboration with the dealer network
  • Implement a scalable and manageable solution for Kruitbosch’s various brands and portals
  • Realize an excellent user experience for more customer satisfaction as well as increasing sales and margins
The result
  • Highly scalable Intershop Commerce Platform with extensive B2B and B2C functionalities
  • Seamless integration with Kruitbosch’s ERP system
  • Mapping of the entire customer journey with individual product recommendations for each supplier
"With the new portal, we are absolutely future-proof and can concentrate again on increasing our market share."
Jolien Mars Program Manager E-Commerce at Kruitbosch
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