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Papier Liebl meets all B2B as well as B2C requirements through a modernization project with Intershop.

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For Papier Liebl, e-commerce has long been a successful line of business. Innovative developments, for example in the area of mobile commerce and the optimization of product data for search engines finally led to a comprehensive modernization project in 2018. The result meets the demands of both B2C and B2B customers with regard to a modern shopping experience.

Papier LIEBL, a medium-sized retailer for office and business equipment, IT accessories, industrial and catering packaging, IT hardware and software, is based in Regensburg, Bavaria. The family enterprise already has been in business for 85 years and currently has 200 employees. With B2B commerce and consumer business, Papier LIEBL currently generates around 50 million euros per year.

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family enterprise has been in business for 85 years.


million euros revenue per year

The challenge
  • Connect commerce core and ERP system (SHCWare) more closely
  • Optimization of content for search engines
  • Include system house (LIEBL-Systems) services in online offering
The result
  • Migration to Intershop Commerce Management 7.9
  • Responsive design
  • New interface to the ERP system
  • Major customers with up to 600 user profiles and individual workflows implemented
  • Guaranteed shorter page load times for over 200.00 products
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