Stadium - A Pioneer in E-Commerce

Stadium Has Been Selling Online for Over a Decade—with Intershop

A Pioneer in E-Commerce

Stadium is a major sports goods retailer with stores in Sweden, Finland, and Germany. In 2007, the company established an e-commerce presence at This multi-channel solution powered by Intershop software enabled customers to order online and pick up from a store, or order in-store and have the item delivered to their home—at a time when many other retailers had yet to venture online.

With online sales doubling annually during the first few years, in 2015 Stadium decided to update its commerce platform. Having had a hugely positive experience with Intershop thus far, the decision to continue that partnership was easy. The results are suitably impressive.


  • Update Stadium’s e-commerce presence to prepare for future growth with millions of users.
  • Take existing modifications to the old commerce platform and implement them as standard features.
  • Provide exceptional performance and a flawless customer experience—from website features through to shipment of goods.


  • Intershop Commerce Suite serves as a powerful platform for modern omnichannel commerce with numerous standard features.
  • The fully integrated Solr search is optimized for high search volumes and provides easy access to all available products.
  • The platform is seamlessly integrated with Stadium’s ERP, inventory, and product information management (PIM) systems.

Other benefits

  • The all-new storefront offers a modern and convenient shopping experience.
  • Responsive web design optimizes shop content for all types of devices—from smartphones and tablets to desktop PCs.
  • A network of specialist Intershop partners enables Stadium to respond quickly to changing demands and technologies.
The Intershop platform has been very good for us. It's very stable and there have been no problems with downtime. It has also been good for marketing through multiple channels as you can customize everything.

Fredrik Persson

E-Commerce Manager at Stadium


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Mauro Boffardi
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