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Huisman develops the world's first service platform for the maritime industry – based on Intershop.

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Until 2019, Huisman did not have any form of an online platform for its clients. This situation, although normal in the maritime industry, gave Huisman an opportunity: to develop the world's first platform in their industry that incorporates servitization to gain an unquestionable competitive advantage. But how? How could you efficiently digitalize an industry that is so innovative, so complex, and at the same time due to practical reasons, so new to online solutions? The answer was myHuisman.

Huisman is a world-leading designer, manufacturer, and service provider of heavy construction equipment for leading companies in the renewable energy, oil, and gas, civil, naval, and entertainment markets. Their products range from Cranes, Pipelay Equipment, Drilling Equipment, and Winches, to Vessel Designs and Special tailormade equipment. Huisman designed and built the largest cranes in the world the two 10,000mt Tub Mounted Cranes for Heerema's Sleipnir, a semi-submersible crane vessel.
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The challenge
  • Build Huisman's first digital portal that provides services globally
  • Create an online resource that could be accessed when vessels at sea are online
  • Integrate all different services provided by Huisman, under a single environment
  • Create a pioneering solution for an industry that has no previous precedent
The result
  • A progressive web application that can be used when online
  • A unified environment that combines all Huisman services under one platform
  • Multiple degrees of customization and hierarchies to accommodate complex organizations
  • An enabler for a servitization business model: the future of the entire industry
  • An online platform that provides a technical library, a part shop, and a service/customer support channel all in one single solution
“We opted for Intershop because this e-commerce platform is the ideal fit for our needs. It seamlessly combines the functionality of a B2B shop with the user-friendly aesthetics of a B2C platform. Furthermore, Intershop aligns perfectly with our envisioned architectural framework. This versatile platform package has global applicability, making it a perfect match for our market presence.”
Martijn Reissenweber Director of Huisman Global Services
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