Better food, better life

Daily Fresh Food Takes the Next Step in Omnichannel Food Commerce

Better food, better life

Daily Fresh Food is the largest supplier of fresh products in the southern Netherlands. The company produces a variety of 15,000 fresh food products and ready-made meals. More than 600 business customers are served on a daily basis. The customers range from diners to restaurants and from retirement homes to academic hospitals.

Over years of continuous growth, Daily Fresh Food has created a perfect fulfillment chain—from ordering to processing to on-time delivery. A full 98 percent of orders are now received online, using Intershop Commerce Suite.


  • Receive orders exclusively through e-commerce shop
  • Create an attractive shop interface with excellent usability
  • Provide seamless logistics from customer order to delivery
  • Guarantee delivery to around 600 business customers
  • Provide consistent and up-to-date pricing at all times
  • Provide customer account functionality with support for budgets, roles, and rights
  • Enable fast response even for large orders with more than 1,500 items
  • Personalize services for existing customers
  • Ensure consistent data across omni-channel presence
  • Ensure smooth operation of e-commerce architecture


  • Intuitive order input plus reliable order processing
  • Shop platform with state-of-the-art B2C usability
  • E-commerce shop integrated with ERP system (procurement, production management, billing) and existing inventory management system
  • Verification of deliverability via ERP system during order process
  • Prices and terms retrieved from ERP system Intershop Commerce Suite includes B2B features, such as budget control and user roles, out of the box
  • High-performance shop where even the largest orders are processed in seconds
  • Customer-specific product catalogs and order templates
  • Data provided from inRiver product information system (PIM), ensuring consistency across all media (online, phone, print catalog, table menus)
  • Intershop Commerce Suite integrated with Microsoft-only environment, including hybrid SQL Server solution
We’ve been using Intershop since 2016 and it’s been an important platform for our ongoing growth.

Roel van Alebeek

E-Commerce Architect, Daily Fresh Food

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Daily Fresh Food BV Takes the Next Step in Omnichannel Food Commerce