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Successful platform change

Xerox migrated to the powerful Intershop Commerce platform.


Upgrade or platform change? This question arises when the existing e-commerce solution no longer meets the business requirements. Xerox opted for the second route and migrated to the powerful Intershop Commerce Platform.

With a headcount of 66,500 and operations in 160 countries, Xerox has a 50-year-plus history as a leading provider of services and solutions in the document management sector.

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The average order value increased by almost 30 percent.



Xerox operates in 160 countries.



Go-live in just 4 months.

The challenge
  • Introduction of a new e-commerce system that meets high standards of quality, efficiency, and customer focus
  • Establishment of a new, powerful sales channel
  • Strengthening customer loyalty and brand presence
The result
  • New website with comprehensive, state-of-the-art e-commerce functions based on powerful Intershop technology
  • Advanced search function, which is based on FactFinder technology from Intershop partner Omikron
  • Project realized in time and in budget
  • Analysis of customer buying behavior as a performance indicator of its online store
  • Clearly structured layout integrating one-page checkout functionality and an intuitive navigation tool
  • Fast and reliable delivery service, supported by end-to-end mapping of business processes
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