Trony Creates a Consistent Brand Experience with Intershop

Trony Creates a Consistent Brand Experience with Intershop

All from a Single Source

Trony is an Italian retailer specializing in consumer electronics, computers, telephones, and household appliances. Comprising a consortium of 15 companies, Trony has a nationwide network of 15 warehouses and 190 retail stores.

Achieving the company’s vision of “any time, any place” online shopping was a complex proposition. To optimize its logistics and fulfill customer orders quickly, Trony required a high degree of system integration that allows real-time visibility of all available inventories throughout its locations in Italy.


  • Seamlessly integrate 15 enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.
  • Create a consistent, single-provider, omni-channel brand experience—despite a complex organizational structure.
  • Connect over 200 separate locations to enable real-time inventory visibility.


  • All online orders are managed and fulfilled using Intershop Commerce Suite.
  • Efficient logistics: each order is automatically forwarded to the optimum location for fast delivery.
  • Powerful product information management (PIM) system enables product presentation with images, text, and rich content.

Other Benefits

  • Dynamic search and rating functionality thanks to integrated search engines and rating services.
  • Customers can choose from a wide range of delivery and payment options.
  • Mobile commerce, coupons, and other marketing features round out the shopping experience.
Intershop’s functionality was the right fit for our specifications around product presentation, payment process, back-end management, flexible integration, microsite, and adaptability to graphics requests. In just six months, we were able to launch an online presence that enables the group to act as a singlebrand operation, integrating the platforms of all Trony subsidiaries to extend the widest choice of product offerings to customers.

Alessandro Bergamasco

CIO and co-director of e-commerce at Trony


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