Brita Relies on Intershop in the Cloud

Brita Relies on Intershop in the Cloud

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As the Brita online store so elegantly demonstrates, Intershop Commerce Suite integrates seamlessly with third-party content management systems—even in the cloud. The Brita brand platform features a responsive front-end that is delivered using the Magnolia content management system. The new e-commerce system has been running since late August 2017 on Intershop Commerce Management 7 in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

A long-established brand, Brita is a global leader in water filtration products. In many countries, it is synonymous with filtered drinking water.


  • Transfer Brita’s entire digital infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Create an Intershop-based platform that supports a range of B2C and B2B commerce scenarios, including auto-delivery of water filter products.
  • Incorporate standardized interfaces (REST APIs) and internationalization features to support future growth at Brita.


  • Headless commerce: Intershop Commerce Suite serves as a powerful control center inserted between the customized front-end (Magnolia) and Brita’s in-house IT systems.
  • Microsoft Azure: this high-security, subscription-based cloud solution offers virtually unlimited scalability.
  • Magnolia: deploying this customizable content management system creates a unique shopping experience for Brita customers.

Other Benefits

  • Scalable: thanks to the Intershop subscription model and Microsoft Azure cloud, Brita doesn’t have to invest in new infrastructure as its business grows.
  • Cross-channel customer experience: all online store functionalities are available at all times on all types of devices—and even in offline stores.
  • International: the new Brita store is equipped for all future roll-outs in all new markets—whether B2B or B2C.
The ability to scale globally is a major priority for our company. The internationalization options and subscription functionality in Intershop Commerce Management B2X are a perfect fit with our business and marketing strategy.

Peyman Pakzad

Senior Digital Manager International at Brita


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
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