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Online revenues in the automotive aftermarket are growing at an unprecedented rate. To meet the high demand for online ordering, Highline Warren needed to establish a scalable 24/7 online channel. The existing solution limited the growth of the business, lacked flexibility and didn't have the self-service shopping features their customers needed. Therefore, the focus of the new online store was on enhanced product visibility and extensive self-service capabilities to increase customer adoption and strengthen market share organically.

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Highline Warren is North America’s premier distributor of automotive chemicals and products, offering strategic manufacturing and market exclusives to thousands of client businesses.

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years quick lube industry leader


thousand total square foot distribution space in 4 distribution centers across the country


million items shipped each month

The challenge
  • Replatforming: business grown out of old solution
  • Realize a powerful e-commerce website with extensive self-service options that meets the increasing expectations of B2B customers
  • More flexibility and enhanced product visibility
  • Strengthen market share organically
The result
  • “Amazon-like” shopping experience and access to the industry’s broadest assortment of over 4,500 items
  • Individually created parts finder to ensure that only the right products end up in the shopping cart
  • Smooth project process with stakeholders from different departments to identify customer needs and business requirements right from the start
  • Customer-centric and intuitive platform with low business risk to focus on scaling the business
  • Tremendous increase of monthly online registrations
  • More time for the sales team to help support customers in deeper ways


"Our initial growth goal for year one was to drive a 10% increase in new online customer registrations. After the first six months, we saw an increase of over 22%!"
Mike Quinlan Director of Marketing at Highline Warren
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