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Martin & Severa is working with Intershop on a strong, sustainable future model for catering.


In order to boost their already substantial online business, Martin & Servera selected Intershop as basis of their new innovative B2B online shop. A clever move, as the restaurant and catering specialist was the only B2B player to make it onto the list of the ten best web shops in Sweden.

Martin & Servera is a Swedish, family-owned group of companies that delivers beverages, fresh produce, foodstuffs, equipment and services to restaurants, cafés, bars and canteens
across Sweden every day.

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share of online revenues in total revenues

E-commerce accounts for 70% of Martin & Servera's business, which is why the company regularly updates its B2B channel.


launch of the new e-commerce platform

The company last launched a new e-commerce platform, the Intershop Commerce Suite, in January 2018.


sales offices

From Malmö in the south to Luleå in the north: The leading restaurant and catering specialist has a total of 13 sales offices throughout Sweden.

The challenge
  • Create a comfortable and fast customer experience, which is offered by the simple order on an online platform
  • New website offering an authentic B2C-like shopping experience and powerful functionalities for the specific requirements of B2B businesses
  • Products specifically tailored to the customer through the personalization of product content
The result
  • Intershop Commerce Platform with extensive personalization functionalities for delivering relevant content tailored to customer needs
  • Easy integration into the existing IT landscape and powerful B2B functionalities out-of-the-box
  • Realization of an innovative, B2C-like shopping experience
  • Voice commerce: voice-controlled ordering of food and catering products via Google Assistant
"With our new B2B platform and the plans we have to improve our business, we are working on a strong, sustainable future model."
Kristina Ossmark Marketing Director at Martin & Servera
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