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­­­­Martin & Servera is a Swedish, family-owned group of companies that delivers beverages, fresh produce, foodstuffs, equipment and services to restaurants, cafés, bars and canteens across Sweden every day. In order to boost their already substantial online business, they selected Intershop as basis of their new innovative B2B online shop.


  • Creation of a comfortable and fast customer experience, which is offered by the simple order on an on-line platform
  • The new website was to offer customers an authentic B2C-like shopping experience and powerful functionalities for the specific requirements of B2B businesses
  • Products specifically tailored to the customer through the personalization of product content


  • Intershop platform with extensive personalization functionalities for delivering relevant content tailored to customer needs
  • Easy integration into the existing IT landscape and powerful B2B functionalities out-of-the-box
  • Realization of an innovative, B2C-like shopping experience

Other Benefits

  • Martin & Servera with innovative solutions as the only B2B player among the top ten web shops in Sweden
  • Changing role of sales staff due to increase in online orders: more time for maintaining and expanding personal customer relationships
  • Improvement of the customer journey and the web shop through lunch sessions and tests with selected customers
With our new B2B platform and the plans we have to improve our business, we are working on a strong, sustainable future model.

Kristina Ossmark


Martin & Servera Restauranghandel AB

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