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E-Commerce in Wholesale

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Digitalization in Wholesale

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Wholesale Companies Are Being Compelled to ‘Hard Wire’ Digital

This is one of the key findings in our 2016 E-Commerce Report, “Taking the Fast Track into the Digital Future of B2B Commerce.” In this excerpt from the report you will learn how the increasing digital ecosystem changes your business model.

  • What sales channels do your customers utilize in the next 12 months?
  • How does digitalization impact wholesale sales today?
  • Who drives digitalization in wholesale?

Dr. Kai Hudetz

Since August 2009, Dr. Kai Hudetz is the Managing Director of the IFH Institut für Handelsforschung GmbH (IFH Koeln) in Cologne, Germany.


Digitalization in Wholesale

Dr. Hudetz, what are your views on digital transformation of the wholesale industry? Is it a risk or an opportunity? Essential or just nice to have?

The second part of your question is easy to answer: It is absolutely essential. As a link between different stages in the value chain, the wholesale industry must seize the opportunities offered by digitalization. Otherwise, it will struggle to survive. The Internet offers many ways for wholesalers to improve and accelerate their service to customers—and thus boost customer loyalty. This is particularly important given the increased competition brought about by digital transformation. New competitors are entering the marketplace and pricing is becoming both more transparent and subject to greater pressure.

Dr. Hudetz, can you give us an overview of progress toward digital transformation in the wholesale sector? What is the current state of this business-critical customer-facing process?

Having conducted many studies and projects in this segment over the past year, we have a very clear insight into what is happening. As in other industries, however, it’s not really possible to generalize. There are some wholesalers who are embracing digitalization with a strong customer focus, creating web-based offerings and/or apps, for example. The majority of companies, though, are still in the very early stages in terms of coming up with customer-facing online offerings. Having said that, there is a growing awareness that customer-focused digital content is absolutely key to future competitiveness.  

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