Empower your daily
e-commerce operations with Intershop Copilot

Intershop Copilot is the future of e-commerce management, placing the keys to success directly in your hands. Elevate productivity, enhance customer experiences, and watch your business thrive.

Empower your daily e-commerce operations with Intershop Copilot

The benefits of
AI in e-commerce

Intershop Copilot is a virtual assistant tailored for B2B e-commerce managers, delivering valuable insights and efficiencies through guidance and support for essential tasks. Navigate your day-to-day business seamlessly with the AI technology of Intershop Copilot, which alleviates the load by automating key administrative tasks and providing insightful data-driven analysis to optimize operational efficiency and decision-making.

01 Real-time business insights

Whether you want to know how your business is doing or drill down into specific aspects, your intelligent assistant analyzes data you need to make informed decisions.

02 Unparalleled accessibility and interaction

Implemented as a Chromium extension, the smart assistant actively interacts with the browser, opening new tabs and facilitating seamless navigation to improve efficiency and user experience.

03 Gain deeper insights

Benefit from dynamic Power BI reporting, that enables you to gain deeper insights into their data and facilitates further questions, empowering data-driven decision-making.

04 Ease vital tasks

From adjusting product prices to managing promotions within the ICM, easily streamline critical business processes as Copilot accesses backend operations.

Welcome to the future of e-commerce management with Intershop Copilot!

The future belongs to those committed to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. Intershop Copilot is your key to mastering this brave new world of e-commerce. Embrace the opportunity to propel your B2B brand to the forefront of success with the ultimate AI assistance.

AI Integrations
Intershop Copilot seamlessly links with your BI Data Hub, ICM APIs, Intershop Order Management, and SPARQUE.AI, ensuring you have real-time access to critical data for informed decision-making.

Chromium extension
As a Chromium extension, the AI assistant ensures broad compatibility, simplifying deployment and integration into existing workflows for enhanced accessibility and user convenience.

Browser interaction
The technology interacts with the browser, opening tabs and navigating through web pages, which enhances user experience, and enables you to explore data and perform actions on the spot.

Backend operations
The AI business tool goes beyond data analysis, offering access to backend operations. Use the smart assistant to adjust product prices, manage promotions, and execute backend processes securely.

Frontend operations
Interact with your website as if you were right there. Explore products, adjust prices, and make necessary backend changes, all while the Copilot handles the technical details.

Infinite customization possibilities
Tailor it to your specific requirements, incorporating additional functions, APIs, and databases to expand its capabilities. Your unique business needs are met, no matter how complex.

3 reasons why you need an e-commerce-savvy sidekick

E-commerce management is a multifaceted endeavor that demands precision, speed, and the ability to adapt to ever-changing market dynamics. Intershop Copilot is designed to be the trusted partner for e-commerce managers, offering invaluable support in their daily tasks.

Make decisions at the speed of business with the AI assistant's real-time insights. Integration with BI Data Hub and ICM APIs provides immediate access to critical data, ensuring managers can stay proactive and make informed choices on the spot.

Enhance daily operations effortlessly as Intershop Copilot interacts seamlessly with popular browsers. Its Chromium extension compatibility ensures easy integration into existing workflows, allowing managers to navigate, explore, and analyze data more efficiently, streamlining their daily tasks.

Intershop Copilot elevates e-commerce managers' analytical capabilities with dynamic Power BI reporting. This feature goes beyond static data, empowering managers to gain deeper insights, ask more questions, and make data-driven decisions, ultimately boosting their effectiveness in daily operations.

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Empower your e-commerce management with Intershop Copilot!

Empower your e-commerce management with Intershop Copilot! Ready for innovative e-commerce? Find out how Intershop Copilot can pave the way for you. Contact us today and benefit from countless advantages!

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