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Intershop Smart Shelf

The Intershop Smart Shelf combines state-of-the-art sensors with IoT and our commerce solution. The new way of managing inventory is to reorder automatically, based on your personal configuration.

How does it work?

Each section of the Smart Shelf contains very sensitive, state-of-the-art sensors that register changes in inventory in real-time and send it via a microservice in the Azure cloud to the Intershop Commerce Platform. Now you can configure mild and critical out-of-stock limits according to your needs and have corresponding alerts issued. Using smart rules, you can link your suppliers and procurement portals to these changes, and the Smart Shelf automatically sends a quote request or places an order based on the configured budget. If you replenish the Smart Shelf after a delivery has been received, the changes are then immediately displayed in your customer portal.

What are the advantages of automatic reordering?

Perfect inventory management
For manufacturers, having the least possible downtimes in machines with complex dependencies is paramount. With automatic reordering you can avoid stock ordering of consumables, thus freeing up capital.

Fewer sources of error
With a smart shelf, continuous data collection ensures you only have in stock what is really needed and are freed from human errors in complex installations that can have serious consequences.

Better, smoother business
Last but not least, you can link new digital services to a smart shelf that will keep your customers happy, generate more revenue, and deepen the business relationship in the long term.

Intershop IoT

The Intershop Smart Drill is an example of how traditional everyday objects can be connected to sensors and the Internet to create innovative product-as-a-service offerings.

How does it work?

IoT technology is needed to allow machines to communicate with each other. Intershop customers can use it in smart factories, for example, to save money with predictive maintenance or to open up completely new revenue opportunities with innovative business models such as pay-per-use. In our example video, you can learn how a special drill can be rented out and billed with a cryptocurrency based on run performance.

What benefits does the Internet of Things bring to e-commerce?

Optimized shipping logistics
Via the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors can transmit data that can significantly improve the shipping of goods. Using RFID or GPS, you can monitor inventory levels and track deliveries – providing greater transparency and satisfaction for your customers.

Better customer relationships
Thanks to IoT technology, manufacturers can proactively offer spare parts, wear items or consumables and thus improve the runtime of machines. This increases trust in the customer relationship.

New business models
The information transmitted via the Internet of Things is the basis for high-value services with large profit margins: remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and performance analyses for a specific product or certain product groups.

Better control of goods
Wholesalers or manufacturers can not only monitor their inventory or track deliveries by connecting to the IoT, but also use sensors to check the optimal temperature of perishable goods – a significant component for B2B marketing in this sector!

More efficient e-commerce
Manufacturers can dispense consumables in factories via IoT vending machines such as the Intershop Smart Shelf, which automatically reorder goods whenever they fall below minimum quantities.

Personalized B2B marketing
The more information you have collected in your e-commerce solution, the more personalized the assortments and prices you can serve to your customers. In this way, the IoT helps you increase your conversion rate and keep customers more closely connected with you.


With the Microsoft HoloLens we use people's ability to see spatially in order to open up complex product structures more intuitively and thus to be able to order spare parts faster and more unerringly.

How does it work?

With augmented reality (AR) and the Microsoft HoloLens, unique 3D models of every machine can be used to identify necessary components precisely and error-free with an exploded view and voice assistants. Thanks to the seamless integration into the Intershop Commerce Platform, spare parts can then easily be purchased directly. Watch the video to learn more details!

Benefits of augmented reality with the HoloLens in e-commerce

Purchase spare parts error-free
Your technicians can be sure to identify the correct spare part, even for customized machines. Follow-up procurement is possible directly in the HoloLens.

Use remote support
Bring in experts from around the world for a support session via the HoloLens, and learn how to keep your machines running for longer.

Speed-up inspections
Forget clipboards and lists. With a HoloLens, you can use virtual reality to give your machines their regular health check – technicians have both hands free to operate equipment and create inspection logs, thanks to the AR glasses.

Save labor times
The biggest advantage of using the Microsoft HoloLens on machines is that it saves you a huge amount of labor time. The small glasses stay on, whether a piece of equipment needs to be opened or a spare part needs to be identified.

Optimize processes, reduce costs
The collected data can also be used to optimize processes and reduce costs – e.g., when it's apparent that consumables can be refilled during routine inspections. Configure your e-commerce solution to ensure that these materials are ready for the inspection date by subscription!

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