Compose on your terms

Intershop is ideal for companies that prioritize software composability and want the freedom to move at their own pace, fully in control.

Customers that have composed with Intershop

Common composable use cases we support

There isn’t a catch-all approach for composability. We meet you where you are.

01 Headless-with-a-head

Start with decoupled frontend and backend architecture, while utilizing the Intershop Progressive Web App (PWA) frontend.

02 Use your own CMS

Connect Intershop Commerce Management with any headless Content Management System (CMS) of your choice.

03 Fully composable

Select and customize commerce components based on your specific needs right from the start.

04 Best-of-breed mix for your needs

Utilize Intershop's existing commerce capabilities or integrate with other choice solutions for your commerce operations.

Built with developers in mind

Packaged business capabilities (PBCs)
Benefit from Intershop's modular architecture which is composed of different PBCs – each a standalone app with specific business functionality. Customize and integrate the PBCs with ease, maximizing adaptability to suit your specific needs.

API-driven functionality
Intershop adopts an API-first approach. Take advantage of 350+ APIs to seamlessly integrate and compose services tailored to your business requirements.

Decentralized data stores & release cycles
Experience the efficiency of individual data management within each PBC. Benefit from dedicated data stores, enabling selective updates and independent release cycles for every component. This ensures seamless operation without unintended dependencies.

Low-code/no-code Integration Hub
Leverage Intershop's low-code/no-code Integration Hub to seamlessly connect PBCs with third-party systems and eliminate the need for extensive coding.

Cloud-native operation with containers and Kubernetes
Enjoy scalability, flexibility, and reliability for your business operations with Intershop PBCs, which operate on the cloud using containerization and Kubernetes orchestration.

CI/CD environment with Azure DevOps
Leverage Intershop's secure CI/CD environment on Azure DevOps to customize PBCs effortlessly. Benefit from automated testing, version control, and seamless deployment of customizations.

Technology we've integrated with

These technologies are used by Intershop customers for their business operations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales gives you the opportunity to simplify the sales process, make your sale...
by Microsoft
SAP Enterprise Resource Planning and Financial Management (SAP ERP)
With the SAP ERP system, you integrate all central business processes in one system and thus contribute ...
by SAP
Connect your Salesforce CRM with Intershop and increase your sales performance.
The Pimcore Platform™ is the only Enterprise Open Source software for managing any digital data and cust...
by Pimcore
SPARQUE Personalized Search and Recommendations
SPARQUE helps webshops to interact with their customers in the most personal and effective way. This can...
Seamless Content and Commerce: Powering next-level customer experiences with the dynamic combination of C...
by Contentful
Stripe Payments
Stripe is a complete payments platform, engineered for growth: Accept payments and move money globally w...
by Stripe
Tacton CPQ
Tacton supports manufacturers in realizing smart commerce for seeking a competitive advantage. Due to Ta...
by Tacton
PROS Smart Configure Price Quote
Enable your sales teams to create and manage quotes for all selling scenarios with speed and precision. ...
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