Commerce Solutions for Retailers

As consumers become more demanding, the challenges for retailers grow. Every customer wants the best possible quality at the lowest possible price - plus immediate delivery and extensive customer care across all touchpoints. But while expectations are high, margins are inevitably tight.

Thankfully, Intershop can help you to communicate with your customers in a unique and personalized way. By tailoring your marketing and creating compelling online environments, you can boost revenue and improve your bottom line.

Be the one to make the difference:

Lifestyle & convenience

Your customers should not only love shopping in your store, they should also feel instantly at home. Create a shopping experience that is tailored to their needs and watch your business grow.

Reach out to each customer individually

One-to-one communications and a personalized experience help generate customer loyalty. From product advice and recommendations to personalized offers, there are lots of attractive features your customers will enjoy—while you enjoy a better bottom line.

Marketing and customer communications

As a retailer, you have to focus your communications to reach your target audience. Use specially tailored campaigns to achieve stronger penetration of your chosen target groups and increase conversion in your store.

Full product information

Accurate and detailed product information can turn e-store visitors into customers. Thanks to enhanced integration of suppliers and easy processing of product data, you can provide your shoppers with the information they need to find the products they want.

Local services

Use mobile and local marketing to reach out to your customers, wherever they happen to be. Intelligent promotions can help guide your customers to your brick-and-mortar stores and thus integrate your online and offline operations.

Social networks

Facebook, Google+, etc., can all strengthen your brand and provide new opportunities for communicating with customers. By incorporating social media into your marketing strategy, you can build long-term relationships.

Risk reduction and cost control

Customers expect a wide range of products as well as fast delivery. By adopting a drop-shipping strategy, you reduce the space requirement and risk that come with holding and managing your own stock, while also freeing up cash.

Aggregated shopping

Online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, are extremely popular with consumers. So you should be there, too. By adding these channels to your online portfolio, you can greatly extend your marketing reach and therefore increase sales.



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